"Our customer service rating has increased from 85% to 95%, resulting in a 2014 Customer Service award..."
Marie Content
Executive Director
"All our customer relations are managed via our communication platform, so it’s at the core of our bus..."
Anthony Gobin
Manager of the sales team
"Certain features of IP Office allow us to make decisions faster...."
Jordi Funallet
Management Controller
"We needed a new telephone system with which we could achieve better accessibility through intelligent..."
Arjen Korpershoek
ICT Team Manager
"Avaya and the partner were knowledgeable about the needs of a non-profit organization...."
Spencer Bolles
IT Director
"All digital resources available to the AccorHotels Arena operate on a strong yet flexible network. Re..."
Guillaume Lairloup
CIO, AccorHotels Arena
"From the CRM system having a down time of twenty to twenty five minutes every week, we have moved on..."
Ramanathan Chidambaram
Head of Customer Service Operations
"We have never had to put our heads down because of any glitch in the system while conversing with our..."
Saroj Hange
Solutions Consultant
"When you’re in panic mode, you don’t have time to think. That’s why it was really important for the o..."
Judi Whittington
Technology Coordinator
"The Avaya IP Office is a good value, and having all communications under one umbrella has done great..."
Stacey Cohen
Principal Designer
"Avaya has definitely made the path to a unified IP world relatively easy for us...."
Karen McSweeney
Telecommunications General Manager
"One day there was a complete power failure in one of the buildings where a core switch is located. It..."
Paulo Leal
Network Team Leader
"What really swayed us toward Avaya was the reporting. We are required to give regular, detailed repor..."
Jeff Buck
IT Operations Manager
"Before, it took me half a day every week to create reports. Now it takes just five minutes. Instead o..."
Jose Santiago
Member Services Manager
"We want to partner with Avaya to be able to build personalized, custom applications over Avaya’s unif..."
Gaurav Singh
Chief Executive Officer
"The simplicity of the system has resulted in a lot of enthusiasm for the Avaya solution, and we are n..."
Dave Ellingson
Bonneville County

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