"We knew we had to embrace agility. Things were going to change in the business, so we needed a platfo..."
Chad Sheridan
"Our existing systems prevented production and advertising from delivering assets at a quick enough ra..."
Kevin Shelcott
Director of Publishing Services
"Appian gave us an enterprise social environment that is tied to our processes and directly impacts ou..."
Will Barrett
Senior Operations Officer
"Appian’s comprehensive technology and services expertise helped us create a highvalue BPM program tha..."
Michael Sheehan
Chief Information Officer
"Our vision is to make our customers’ journey completely seamless, regardless of which part of our ban..."
Andrew Watts
Executive, Customer Service Improvement
"The gaming industry continues to evolve at an increasing rate, and there is pressure to meet regulato..."
Mario Martinelli
Chief Information Officer
"When we look to the future, I challenge my team to find solutions that include all components of SCAM..."
William Flowers
Vice President for Information Technology Systems
"In the past, pubs were the main leisure options for people, but today there is so much more that comp..."
Kevin Dalley
Business Process and IT Director
"Appian’s out of the box functionality, combined with its integrated document management and next gene..."
Donald Davidoff
Vice President Pricing & Revenue Management
"Appian provides powerful but user-friendly business solutions that support our goals of increased ope..."
Anna Gikovski
Process Improvement Manager
"Before we build anything internally, we will use Appian. It is cheaper and faster and relates to the..."
Keyvan Bohlooli
Chief Information Officer
"Appian not only provides us with a product, but also partners with us to leverage using the product t..."
Pat Steinmann
Department Manager, Request Services, Information Technology, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
"A key part of our strategy is to sustain a work environment where innovation, the exchange of ideas a..."
George Nasoulis
Assistant General Manager
"My objective is to put innovative, high-value functionality in business users’ hands quickly. Appian..."
Raj Subramanian
Chief Information Officer
"Corporate innovation is usually driven by market research that only leads to small, incremental innov..."
"Is the State/ Territory Government where you primarily operate doing a good job planning and managing..."
Queensland Government

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