"In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy which flooded DSNY's clinic DSNY's Alfresco medical records syste..."
Joel Binn
Senior Director, Information Technology
"Both we and our partner are firmly committed to Alfresco’s document management platform, and we plan..."
Carlos Figueiras
Director de TIC de Estrella Galicia
"We wanted a single standard platform for our ECM and DM systems; plus, over time, we wanted to expand..."
Mark Scheers
P&V Group
"We needed to integrate a very large volume of documents into the Alfresco platform. The most signifi..."
Yves Fauth
ERP Project Manager, Gétaz Miauton
"Enterprise content management is considered a key pillar in our overarching architecture. Having a to..."
Kathleen Cameron
IT Manager, Stanford Graduate School of Business
"Maintaining content in DocBook makes content easy to retrieve and re-use, resulting in dramatic effic..."
Nick Gaunt
Chief Information and Knowledge Officer
"Alfresco has enabled the organization to take a major step forward in improving access to information..."
David Southern
Director of ICT, WWF
"All of our content is in one place and all employees are using the platform. I have really grown to l..."
Janice Reid
Information Manager, WWF-UK
"Creating and managing over 200 sites is no easy task. Alfresco allows us to manage all our Web conten..."
Robert W. Sansom
Head of Online Creative, BT Conferencing
"Alfresco has proved to be scalable and robust, while API allowing easy integration to other systems t..."
Benoît Vard
Project Manager
"Our old document management system provided very basic functions and no longer met our business needs..."
Hilary Sellars
Head of IT Services, UCA
"We thought pulling off a cultural change was going to be a challenge, but it turns out, once you get..."
Brian Grey
Managing Director of Application Development, Baldwin & Lyons
"Data and document management is a significant challenge. With over 300 applications containing struct..."
Christina Xavier-Thomas
Applications and Data Architect Hampshire Constabulary
"Alfresco in the cloud frees organizations like ours with a relatively small IT team from the burden o..."
Ed van Velzen
IT Manager, Amnesty International Dutch Section
"We wanted an open source solution that integrated readily with our existing case management system. A..."
Karl Kosydar
IT Manager
"The ability to work with Alfresco’s Community version, which did not require a license or incur any c..."
Andreas Tielmann
Merck Serono

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