"We use numbers and metrics, and having a scorecard in human resources to validate what we do is an in..."
Marie Mann
Senior Vice President of Human Resources
"Apria partnered with ADP to create a unified HCM solution, improve efficiencies in workflow processes..."
JoDee Mountain
VP Human Resources Operations
"At the end of the day, ADP allows us to focus on what really matters in our day-to-day lives. I don’t..."
Chuck Fimble
Chief Talent Officer
"To sit back and to see a full year of data – the HR, payroll, benefits – and see the volume of what i..."
Patricia Steimle
Director of HR Operations
"ADP Workforce Now is great for an organization that is looking for a comprehensive one-stop shop for..."
Terry Lin
Dean of Instruction
"If you're looking for a company that is going to provide you with excellent service, capabilities and..."
Pia Saks
Corporate Payroll Manager
"With ADP, we have access to a team of senior professionals that always works with partner firms, and..."
Megan Coen
HR Technology Consulting Practice Leader
"After talking with ADP, we were sure that they were going to be able to provide the type of service t..."
Donna Aul
"We wanted to offer our executives a voluntary deferred compensation plan but were concerned about the..."
Jennifer Fincik
Director of Finance
"Not only are we spending less time and getting much more accurate and complete data, but our costs ar..."
James S. McLean
Finance Director/Business Manager
"If I had to hire someone to do all this for me, it would be costing me a fortune. There’s so much tha..."
Cody Pellerin
"If you’re always in your office banging your head on the wall, you’re losing sight of the stuff that..."
Chris Batten
Founder and Owner
"ADP’s RPO solution is highly flexible and adaptable. Anything we wanted, ADP was willing to do for us..."
Sue Dunlap
Human Resources Director
"Since we’ve been working ADP, we've never missed a deadline. And that's meant that we've been able to..."
Eric Westphal
Senior Director of Global Corporate Affairs
"ADP TotalSource has helped save my time because when a team member had questions about their pay or b..."
Melissa Gentry
Accounting Manager
"It’s an incredible experience for us to work with ADP as an ADP Marketplace partner. This partnership..."
Chris Burki
Managing Partner

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