"The information and automated pieces of the (Act-On) system are saving us thousands of dollars. Act-O..."
Bob Parina
"We have seen a dramatic increase in the quantity and quality of our leads since implementing Act-On...."
Kerry Ok
"I wanted something with the capabilities to hit the middle of the funnel, to nurture leads after we a..."
Ted Sapountzis
Head of Marketing
"From January through July, we ran an email campaign every single week in addition to our normal workl..."
Sandy Schadler
Vice President of Marketing
"We continue to build more personalized and more relevant touch points for our customers with automati..."
Minna Lyyra
Director of Marketing
"Act-On ensures that you can Act-On your marketing today, tomorrow, and in the future with its automat..."
Richard Evans
Marketing Manager
"Act-On provides better visibility with analytics and reporting, makes it easier to track campaigns, a..."
Lou Childs
Marketing Director
"I knew Act-On would help align our marketing and sales efforts, and I liked its native integration wi..."
Kevin Rice
Technology Coordinator
"We’re trying to provide each individual recipient with a unique and customized experience and, with t..."
Ann Meyer Abdi
Chief Operating Officer
"We are utilizing Data Studio to gather data and use those insights to shape our marketing strategy. T..."
Jen Twersky
Digital Marketing Manager
"Act-On is a great tool for reaching my clients, and lets me quickly track the content they’re engagin..."
Kris Wagner
Sales Representative
"I think ultimately Joyride wanted, and I wanted, something that I knew was going to scale with us. Th..."
Kat Krieger
Marketing Director
"Act-On helps me deliver better and faster automated campaigns, and has increased both our inbound and..."
Luke Evans
Sales Representative
"Since implementing Act-On, we’re getting a consistent flow of leads from the website...."
Oscar Padilla
Executive Vice President of Client Services and Ad operations
"Act-On is robust, reliable, and easy to use. It helps us create campaigns quickly and schedule multip..."
Scott Smith
Marketing Director
"Act-On’s customer support team are thorough and committed to solving any issues. Their focus on the c..."
Julie Fouque
Director of Marketing

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