"Prospects don’t even realize they are part of an automatic campaign. The feedback we receive from our..."
Andrew Donnelly
Associate Vice President, Online Marketing Manager
"For a sales team that relies heavily on email, there really isn’t another option. Nothing can handle..."
Chad Burmeister
Director of Corporate Sales
"Act-On has increased our leads by enabling more sophisticated nurturing of our contacts. The platform..."
Christine Slocumb
"Act-On has helped us personalize and expand our messaging, while also reducing costs...."
David Kinard
Senior Vice President of Business Development
"Act-On gave me the insight I needed to better strategize how we engage our different audience segment..."
Kirstin Williams
Marketing Program Manager
"ROI for us means two things: Return on Investment and Return on Impression. One is a financial formul..."
Greg Tillar
CEO, NuGrowth Solutions
"What is apparent is the higher level of prospect interaction. We have higher click rates, higher down..."
Kate Gluck
Director of Marketing
"ROI for us is also about Return on Impression – meaning the insights we gain that we would not have h..."
Michael Doran
EVP of Marketing and Sales
"Act-On’s analytics has given us greater visibility into our marketing efforts...."
Noel Garcia
Marketing Professional
"Act-On has helped us plan better campaigns and create clear customer journeys. And it’s easy to use a..."
Maureen Ten Pas
Marketing Professional
"Act-On is an extremely versatile platform and provides us with a lot of options...."
Cam Schultz
VP, Marketing
"I wanted something with the capabilities to hit the middle of the funnel, to nurture leads after we a..."
Ted Sapountzis
Head of Marketing
"I give Act-On an NPS of 10/10. The platform has helped us increase our leads and improve lead quality..."
Louise Kearney
Sales Representative
"Through it all, Act-On has delivered exceptional customer support. Partnering with Act-On has been a..."
Brad Feldmar
Executive Vice President of Business Development
"Act-On Pro Services turned our fantastic library of content into programs that offered relevant, bite..."
Renee Frappier
Director of Marketing
"Act-On has saved us time and enabled us to upload lists faster. The platform’s analytics also have im..."
Semih Topal
End User

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