"The big bonus is that it’s so easy to use. I’m very satisfied with Act-On...."
Michael Malmrose
Vice President,Marketing
"With Act-On, we don’t have to ask our clients to go out and purchase marketing automation software on..."
Tim Asimos
Vice President & Director, Digital Innovation
"One of the main appealing factors with Act-On was that it delivered all our key requirements and gave..."
Carter Perez
Vice President Sales and Marketing
"REALLY easy to set up, lots of flexibility with what we do - when users reach a certain score they ge..."
Adam Bookman
Co-founder and Partner
"If you are interested in marketing automation with SalesForce.com, I would highly recommend you get y..."
Chris Kiersch
"Engagement Insights Makes It Easy For Me, My Team, And Other Education At Work Executives To Evaluate..."
Tanya Gantzer
Senior Vice President of Client, University and Marketing Development
"Engagement Insights has streamlined our entire optimization process. The Excel reports are simple to..."
Megan Bowling
Senior Manager of Client Partner Development
"Act-on has given us the ability to capture an exponential amount of leads, and allowed us to express..."
Christopher Bhajan
Marketing Professional
"Act-On has provided us with more leads by identifying previously unknown web visitors. The platform h..."
Lee Riordan
Sales Representative
"Act-On has helped us identify and nurture good prospects. We also love the platform’s analytics and t..."
Julie Ramirez
Marketing Manager
"I’ve had a good experience using Act-On and give it an NPS score of 10/10...."
Chris Newcombe
Marketing Professional
"Act-On is the best marketing automation program I’ve ever used! It has increased our revenue and lead..."
Andy Sextro
Director of Sales
"Act-On’s analytics has given us greater visibility into our marketing efforts...."
Noel Garcia
Marketing Professional
"Act-On has helped us plan better campaigns and create clear customer journeys. And it’s easy to use a..."
Maureen Ten Pas
Marketing Professional
"The sales cycle can be very long and we’re competing for very small audiences. It’s an over-saturated..."
Colleen Yang
Marketing Specialist
"Act-On has saved us time and enabled us to upload lists faster. The platform’s analytics also have im..."
Semih Topal
End User

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