"For our first test with AB Tasty, we are more than satisfied with the results. It makes us want to te..."
Vincent Lahaye
SEO Manager
"AB Tasty is delicious! We use AB Tasty to execute AcB and multvariate tests and personalizaton of our..."
Matt Sparks
eCommerce Optimization Manager
"With AB Tasty, the only limit to what you can test is your imagination. Their platform allows for sim..."
Wes Couch
PHP Web Developer
"I’m very impressed by how simple it is to get up and running with AB Tasty. The platform is so easy t..."
Marjorie Galiano
Head of Digital and CRM
"We were very happy to see that respondents overwhelmingly said they liked the homepage, and found wha..."
Léonore Manciaux
Digital Donation Officer
"We were very happy with the results of this test, and we’re absolutely going to use the banner again..."
Guillaume Totis
e-Commerce Manager
"I was confident we could improve click-through rates by tweaking page design. What surprised me was h..."
Lucie Piriou
Communications & Development
"We have been using AB Tasty for two years. It's an easy, powerful tool and we have a real one to one..."
Javier Gómez de la Mata
Ecommerce Manager
"AB Tasty allows us to easily test our new page templates so that we can test whether they work, and t..."
Mourad Tabiti
Web Performance Manager
"Each L’Oréal Luxe brand has its own website, based on a similar template, but each line has a differe..."
Virginie Robert
Digital Project Manager
"If I don’t pre-order now, lunch will come late, make me late to meeting #4 and throw off my entire af..."
"The data made available to us with AB Tasty allowed us to gain visibility and efficiency, since we we..."
Mohamed El Ghinimi
Digital Marketing Expert
"Thanks to AB Tasty’s expertise and our experience in web optimization and digital psychology, we were..."
Hasnaa Kadaoui
Associate Manager of Web Optimization and Conversions
"With AB Tasty, it’s easy to build rich audience segments for our personalization campaigns. Data from..."
Laurent Lemercier
Group E-Merchandising Manager
"When AB Tasty approached us to beta test their Image Matchmaker feature, we said ‘yes’ right away. We..."
Jérémy Germain
Traffic Manager
"AB Tasty allows us to build advanced personalization scenarios. The platform is very easy to use, and..."
Kamran Shaikh
Video Digital Marketing

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