"Yesware helps us to be the most technologically advanced sales team in media...."
"Salespeople just started using it, closing more business and spreading the word. Before long, I knew..."
"I love knowing that my message has been seen. It continues to perform well after several weeks of use..."
"Yesware's integration between Gmail, Google Calendar, and Salesforce has enabled us to increase the p..."
"We love the team at Yesware - great people who are always there to answer questions, provide support...."
"I love Yesware... it helps you see your pipeline in sales and visualize your prospects...."
"Deloitte named us the fastest growing private software company in the world this year, and it's thank..."
"With the "CRM" button in Yesware, it's easy to capture both sides of the conversation. Highly recomme..."
"With Yesware's template system, I'm already an hour ahead on my emails compared to where I used to be..."
"Yesware has increased the efficiency of our email communications and has provided us with the ability..."
"Before, we were using three different apps to handle the sales team challenges, and it was really tou..."
"We are a personalization company, so the ability to both hyper-personalize and automate our own outre..."
"I knew from an efficiency standpoint as we were going to be scaling our team that living in email whe..."
"Yesware makes templates SIMPLE and we recommend it to all our clients...."
"I love this extension... It's a great tool for knowing who opened your email, when and how many times..."
"Loving Yesware – it has been saving me >30 min a day on my outreach days...."

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