"We changed the way we communicate Major Incidents to Technology and the business, allowing people to..."
Rob Ainscough
IT Operations Manager
"xMatters allows us to effectively communicate outages and high profile events to our internal teams,..."
Matt Kelley
Senior Manager Network Operations
"The peace of mind of knowing that I can contact any of my constituents, and also supply them with acc..."
Kelly Piper
Vice President, Director Of Emergency Management
"xMatters provides an excellent service/tool that allows Forsythe to communicate specific information..."
Peter R. Laz
Mbcp, Mbci, Forsythe Technology Inc.
"The customers now take advantage of the ability to subscribe to the events that impact them and IT Op..."
Troy Olson
Senior Manager of IT Service Management
"All the information is in one report. We’ve removed the risk of the wrong message being sent...."
Lee Murray
Building Manager
"Literally the first couple of rescues we sent out using the new system were solved in minutes...."
Kyla Shelley
Marketing Manager
"We are using BMC Control-M for our schedule jobs and with the help of xMatters we are able to update..."
Salman Ghaffar
Service Management Lead
"xMatters synchronizes groups, users, and roles with our ServiceNow instance to simplify the creation..."
Anoop Malkani
Enterprise Service Management
"xMatters revolutionized our capabilities—upgrading our IT management and Business Continuity effectiv..."
Michael Belfoure
Director of IT Operations
"As an integral part of the communities we serve, we have a special responsibility to reliably manage..."
Dan Wiley
Team Lead-Monitoring and Event Management Team
"We operate in a rapid-paced 'Dev-Ops' world of continuous development coupled with high expectations..."
Anoop Malkani
"We use xMatters to effectively distribute our business continuity plans to our critical business func..."
Kent Watson
Business Continuity Risk Specialist
"Communication is at the heart of crisis management, and we now have a way to intuitively and seamless..."
U.S. Bank
Emergency Management
"We are deeply committed to improving outcomes for native animals. To be able to rescue more animals f..."
Leanne Taylor
"Imagine what you could do with a system that improved on the investments you’ve already made...."

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