"We have reduced our cost per hire by 54%, reduced our agency utilization, increased our employee refe..."
Jay Schaufeld
"We hire a good number of part-time employees. Targeting them across a range of different sources and..."
Caroline Knox
Executive Vice President and CAO
"It’s clear that Workable is committed to evolving their product to make it easier for customers to fi..."
Emmanuel Boileau
"Workable does a good job evolving the product and staying fresh and modern with the new approaches to..."
Esther Smith
Global Head of People
"We wanted a platform that was easy to deploy with fast, personalized customer care and support. It al..."
Rik Jesse
Associate Superintendent
"Using Workable I’ve built up a large pool of highly qualified clinicians— particularly Licensed Vocat..."
Yvonne Castillo
HR Director
"Most of our computers are deep down in a basement office next to the kitchen. Using Workable’s mobile..."
Kelsey Bleakney
Manager of Recruiting & Employment Brand
"We can tap into a rich talent pool using built-in sourcing tools. So, essentially, we get an ATS and..."
Jenny McMaster
Business Support Manager
"Using Workable Hiring Plan we can manage our job openings in a more detailed manner. And, because it..."
Jason Lesher
VP of Talent Acquisition
"We automate as much as we can. Starting with our product suite. This is how Workable plays into our a..."
Abby Mathews
Global Recruiting Manager
"Workable’s GDPR functions are great. We’ve adapted the privacy notice they provide to suit our needs..."
Philip Anastasakos
Talent Recruitment, Selection & Onboarding Officer
"When you sign up with Workable you’re not just getting a tracking system. Just as important is the se..."
Marianna Kostaki
Senior Talent, Recruitment & Onboarding Officer
"With Workable we know we’ve got the resources in place to keep scaling up as our business continues t..."
Andrew Jervis
"I love the dashboard and pipeline view. I can see at a glance how recruitment’s going through all of..."
Ruth Massey
HR Manager
"The features Workable continually adds are amazing. I’m excited to see what’s going to come out next..."
Lee-Anne Edwards
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
"By using Workable, we plan to set internal, service level agreements. Our aim is to have a charter wh..."
Holly Barnes
Head of People and Culture

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