"[The twilio sms api] really took a huge weight of technology off of our shoulders that we didn’t have..."
Vladimir Mukhin
Principal Software Engineer, MongoDB
"We wanted a reliable platform that could support our evolving needs and rapidly growing call center,..."
Jamison Moore
Director U.S. Sales and Support
"No matter how much call volume we have, it's not a question of reliability for Twilio or for our tele..."
Rob Rush
Product Manager
"Twilio is simply hands down the best text banking partner we could wish for. On the technical side, t..."
Loren Paulsen
Software Development Manager
"Twilio Client is Absolutely Crucial to the Success of Our Business Phone Service...."
Ash Rust
"The goal for us is to get off of email, and onto twilio...."
Tameem Hourani
Global NOC/SOC Manager
"Twilio makes things that were once impossible, simple...."
Aaron Foss
"We’re saving a ton of money using twilio. Whenever we want to use it, it’s there. If we don’t want to..."
Josh Budde
Systems Administrator
"By using Twilio, DDI was able to increase assessor productivity and save more than 50% in material co..."
Ryan Graham
Application Architect
"Twilio has really improved our visibility into our text services and the time required to manage and..."
Jay McClary
Vice President of Marketing
"With Twilio we’re able to roll out new features directly to our customers in hours. We wouldn't be ab..."
Chris Jenkins
Director of Advertising Systems
"Implementing Authy 2FA was easy. As a startup, it’s always nerve-wracking to push out a new technolog..."
Brad Lindenmayer
Founder and CEO
"When everything's going right, it just works. It's like flipping the light switch and you expect the..."
Grace Miller
Vice President of Product
"The experience has been incredible...."
Douglas Olsen
CIO and Entrepreneur
"Twilio Studio integrates seamlessly across our stack and lets us easily iterate our IVR based on deep..."
Alan Bustelo-killam
Product Manager
"Our customers deliver highly relevant, personalized messages across multiple channels using Iterable...."
Steph Robotham
Chief Marketing Officer

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