"Our vision of the future is really one of cities, not countries. If there’s a major city somewhere ou..."
Travis Kalanick
Co-Founder and CEO
"Twilio Is The Backbone Of The Way We Communicate With Fans...."
Garrett Langley
Vice President Experience
"By using Twilio, DDI was able to increase assessor productivity and save more than 50% in material co..."
Ryan Graham
Application Architect
"With Twilio Chat, our sales process is much shorter. In the past what used to take at least 4 emails..."
Martin Sarsale
Co-Founder and CTO
"Twilio Chat is able to get webhooks before each step in the decision chain. Our previous chat softwar..."
Lucas Tolchinsky
"We can now provision the largest enterprise customers 10 times faster than before. Our growth would n..."
Andre Sanchez
Vice President of Operations
"Twilio gave us a scalable and predictable pricing structure. Since we started using Twilio, we have b..."
Daniel Crawford
Director of R&D
"Twilio NB-IoT was a clear choice for us. They provided us with a superior network and a flexible port..."
Martin Basila
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
"Developers are very creative people...."
Marcin Ziółkowski
Chief Technology Officer
"We aim to provide services where customers can reach us by any means, especially mobile phones and ph..."
Ville Kymalainen
"With Twilio, the agents really felt that we did something beautiful. We were able to integrate the ph..."
Tuomas Hirvonen
Credit Department Manager
"Because with Twilio we can identify our customers immediately, our agent productivity has increased u..."
Joonas Haapoja
Product Manager
"Compared to the old system, I can talk to and handle probably a hundred customers more, because of th..."
Anna-Maria Wiker
Senior Credit Controller
"Uber is launching in a lot of international markets, and Twilio has helped us scale internationally a..."
Curtis Chambers
Engineering Manager
"We set up internationally capable SIMs in minutes with Programmable Wireless, enabling us to expand o..."
Russell Ure
Chief Executive Officer
"By no stretch of the imagination, SendGrid is our most important vendor. If you’re serious and commit..."
John Havel

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