"[TWILIO] has been a massive improvement over the old system i built with a phone card, land lines, a..."
Stewart Whaley
Team Leader, Systems Development Group
"Twilio gave us the ability to get up and running faster than any other solution on the market...."
Anthony Rodio
CEO, Redbeacon
"The Rise and Fall of Geo Goynes is the first project in which we have worked with and incorporated di..."
Simon Magnus
"Twilio is the standard-bearer among telecom iaas (infrastructure-as-a-service) solutions, and their w..."
Josh Reznick
CEO and founder
"With twilio, ycb.me customers save 50% on sms fees...."
Alice Smith
Product Advisor
"With Twilio at the core of our texting platform, we’re able to rapidly respond to our customers’ expe..."
JB Brown
Senior Director of Mobile App Delivery
"Implementing Authy 2FA was easy. As a startup, it’s always nerve-wracking to push out a new technolog..."
Brad Lindenmayer
Founder and CEO
"Deliveroo is on a mission to transform the way customers eat. We’re thrilled to now offer order notif..."
Mike Hudack
Chief Technology Officer
"We want customers to be in channels that work for them and not to force them down certain channels...."
Aimee Ruddy
Product Manager
"Twilio gave us a scalable and predictable pricing structure. Since we started using Twilio, we have b..."
Daniel Crawford
Director of R&D
"There are a lot of multi-factor use cases that we think Twilio Authentication is going to solve for u..."
Matthew Williams
Product Manager for Credentialing Solutions
"The main reason we wanted to use Twilio API was that we just needed to implement a 2FA solution that..."
Clay Turk
Product Manager
"Every time we had a question, the Account Security team at Twilio responded within the hour...."
Sam Dacanay
Lead Developer
"Twilio takes all the complex areas of communications and gives us a framework to build on. Moving to..."
Barry Pryce
Chief Technology Officer
"We set up internationally capable SIMs in minutes with Programmable Wireless, enabling us to expand o..."
Russell Ure
Chief Executive Officer
"What was really important for us is that Call in Time would be very easy for an older person to join...."
Richard Holland
Solutions Architect

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