"TINYpulse has had a profound impact on our organization. It’s taught people to speak up when they’re..."
Jay Walter
General Manager
"If you care about employee satisfaction, employee engagement, employee retention, TINYpulse is the to..."
Justin Swanberg
Director of Finance & Operations
"TINYpulse has been a very effective and efficient way for the management team at dogIDs to stay "in-t..."
Clint Howitz
"Best tool I have used for engaging with employees — offers such a rich source of live feedback that c..."
Kerrie Brown
People and Culture Manager
"A wonderful tool for measuring the happiness of your team, and optimizing your company culture for lo..."
Ben Jesson
CEO and Co-Founder
"I felt because we were using TINYpulse we were able to demonstrate our commitment to transparency and..."
Jesse Proudman
"We use TINYpulse to make sure sure we're getting the real-time feedback we need to foster a great cul..."
Kipp Bodnar
"Set it and forget it: Requires zero admin time. Every Wednesday I simply review the results with my e..."
Kevin O'Conner
"TINYpulse is a great tool to get regular feedback about how things are going in the office. It is qui..."
Kymber Waltmunson
King County Auditor's Office
"It’s a form of pressure release, if you will. People need to air out any frustrations or challenges t..."
Paul Binsfeld
Chief Executive Officer
"TINYpulse serves as a great tool to help people talk with each other and prioritize what's most impor..."
Lisa Brummel
"One question a week, and over time, having that trend, has really made it easy for us to take a pictu..."
Kacie Alexander
Employee Engagement Manager
"And I love TINYcon as an event because it's a whole conference about how to drive better employee eng..."
Mike Volpe
Chief Executive Officer
"When you can interact with, and meet, and present to a group that's like-minded, that cares about the..."
Kevin McMullin
Founder and Managing Partner
"We were looking for a way to elicit feedback from the team that made them feel safe, comfortable, and..."
Miles Pember
Director of Human Resources
"Justifying the investment in TINYpulse is easy... Our people are the secret sauce and our culture. So..."
Dan Golden

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