"Paper tickets, PDF tickets, these are largely anonymous. That’s why we leverage Presence and Ticketma..."
Matthew Jafarian
Executive Vice President, Business Strategy
"One of the beauties of working with Ticketmaster is that they give us the ability to standardize all..."
Mike Kenney
EVP Live Event Marketing
"The number one priority of the organization is creating value for fans through personalized experienc..."
Nathan Bramwell
Assistant Athletic Director - Ticket Sales & Operations
"I truly would not have been able to execute the number of campaigns that we’ve been able to without T..."
Laura Clemente
Director of Digital Marketing
"It just made sense for us to utilize [a] partner we already know and trust. We’re really pleased with..."
Guy Ramsey
Director of Strategic Communication for Athletics
"Thanks to the team at Ticketmaster and their solid APIs, Broadway.com has been able to provide a firs..."
Jerome Kane
"Our market is comfortable [with technology] and willing to try something like TM1 Sales with the expe..."
Malcolm Rogel
Senior Director of Ticket Operations
"In the past if we wanted to create a campaign, we’d have to pull multiple lists and compile them. TM1..."
Jordan Candea
Digital Marketing and Analytics Manager
"The paper ticket is going to be a thing of the past, it’s just a matter of when not if...."
Chris Gallagher
Chief Revenue Officer
"Ticketmaster's Data Analytics team has been tremendously useful and lucrative for us at Rice Athletic..."
Paul Lockhart-Korris
Director of Business Strategy for Rice Athletics
"The website that Ticketmaster delivered allowed us to provide a consistent patron experience across d..."
John Hughey
Marketing Director
"What the technology has allowed us to do is learn more about our clients and our customers. The use o..."
Chris Gargani
VP of Ticket Sales & Service
"So over 21K of the 28K had never had contact with a Jacksonville Jaguars representative and that in t..."
Chad Johnson
SVP of Ticket Sales & Service
"The fact that now I can look amazing to a promoter and get something done in 5-10 minutes that used t..."
Mandi Greene
Box Office Manager
"For us, the key to advancing our digital media strategy was to find somebody that not only knows the..."
Andrew Huang
Director of Marketing
"I’m so happy to have turned off print at home because we immediately saw fraud diminish. If a photosh..."
Tory Contreras
Director of Sales and Patron Services

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