"Greater functionality was required to adequately support a fully integrated pharmaceutical distributi..."
Vance Moore
Senior Vice President, Operations
"Our managers have greater visibility of low margin transactions, price overrides and discounting. Thi..."
Ned Lane
"At the end of the day, with TECSYS we are now miles ahead in our execution abilities and management o..."
Jeffrey Pike
Vice President of Operations
"Our business is all about service and fill rates...TECSYS allows us to do this by offering the most d..."
John Biafore
General Manager
"We needed a partner with a proven track record in supply chain management that was willing to work wi..."
Richelle Smith-Brecht
President and COO
"It is critical that we access real-time data, and that it’s reliable. The TECSYS system provides tool..."
Robin Saklar
Chief Financial Officer
"The large private client’s business is stable but the commercial business is where we saw basically a..."
Bal Snow
Manager of Information Technology
"Traditional practice has hospital staff ordering larger than necessary quantities and stockpiling the..."
Donna Van Vlerah
Vice President, Supply Chain, Parkview Health
"We have replaced manual processes in preparing and distributing data to management and sales and cont..."
Jean Lindsay
Director of Finance
"We are able to totally control what users can do to the extent that we decide what someone can see on..."
Dave Healzer
IT Director
"We selected TECSYS for a number of reasons; we felt TECSYS’ WMS is out of the box, fully-featured and..."
John Mattessich
Director of Distribution
"Every asset needs to be leveraged to its maximum capacity. Every footprint and fingerprint must provi..."
Eric Smith
Operations Manager
"TECSYS’ iTopia engine is very developer-friendly and allowed us to easily expand on existing function..."
Kyle Shradel
Systems Development Specialist
"As TECSYS' longest-standing customer, we can certainly testify to the software's ability to evolve wi..."
Dave Wayland
Secretary-Treasurer and CFO, MRRM Inc.
"When we receive an order, it has to be filled within three days. This requires a totally integrated o..."
Joe Battat
"With TECSYS we have a reliable IT infrastructure that can be tapped anytime, from anywhere, securely...."
Richard Beeny
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Life Science Logistics

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