"The Softworks Support team consistently deliver excellent service. I have many years’ experience work..."
"Softworks gave us exactly what we asked for, within the expected timeframe and for the price we wante..."
"We are very pleased with our partnership with Softworks to date. We have a very good relationship with..."
"This has been clearly evidenced by the reduction in payroll employees, and the time it takes to admin..."
"I think from each employee’s point of view it gives them more control over their time. It also frees..."
"We also purchased the option to use data capture on the shop-floor, which is a future aspect – we wan..."
"This is the most beneficial aspect of the system as we can see immediately who is late and issues reg..."
"We chose Softworks because having spoken with a number of companies and with my own experience of com..."
"If I were to move on to another company, which didn’t have a T&A system, I wouldn’t hesitate to bring..."
"We spoke to several providers and had site visits, and we came to the conclusion that the Softworks s..."
"I have seen other systems, and they couldn’t have done what we wanted them to. We are a rapidly expan..."
"The System helps us to manage our payroll and HR functions more efficiently, saving both time and mon..."
"We are very happy with Softworks to date and we know that we can easily improve as we need to in the..."
"My first impression of the system was that it just looked so easy to use and user-friendly...."
"It’s a very powerful system and there’s a lot more we can learn. Once the system has been up and runn..."
"Overall we are very happy with the Softworks system in full as it provides a much quicker and more ac..."

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