"For my team, Smartsheet is a big time and money saver since anyone can jump in, view the status of th..."
Lisa Kudukis
Marketing Director of Professional Products and Services
"We use Smartsheet to keep track of everything. It's flexible enough to drill down to the little detai..."
Lindsay Talbot
Associate Producer
"Smartsheet has become an invaluable tool for our agency to deliver more professional products to our..."
Will Sullivan
Chief Strategist and Head of Client Services
"In the office or on the road, we use Smartsheet every day, and especially at our weekly meetings to g..."
Martin Stever
"There's no question that Smartsheet saves me five to ten hours each week. We're constantly finding ne..."
Steve Scaroni
Owner & President
"This is a pharmaceutical company. We’re subject to inspections at any time. It’s important for everyo..."
Oscar Gonzalez
Program Planning Manager
"The biggest benefit of Smartsheet. Is that information is instantly updated and can be shared with as..."
Charles Eaton
"One of the biggest challenges with the registration process was that all applicants would complete a..."
Anna Conger
"About 200 people started using Smartsheet at first. We now have more than 1,500 users. That’s well ov..."
Chris Enderle
Information Technology Manager
"Large-scale corporate events are a spider web of complex layers and intricate details. Smartsheet not..."
Kathleen Castaillic
Senior Director, Global Events
"I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at an event somewhere around the world and found I needed a..."
Janne Rasmussen
Sales Manager
"We have weekly conference calls and from wherever we happen to be that given week, we open up Smartsh..."
Jason Baxter
Marketing Manager
"What I love about Smartsheet is it centralizes all our project content, so you don't have to deal wit..."
Michelle Ollie
President and Founder
"Smartsheet is not only teaching my students the basics of project management, it is helping to teach..."
Katherine Robberson
"Many distributors and retailers have fiddled with YouSendIt, Dropbox and other services to send us la..."
Ian Ray
Information Systems Specialist
"Smartsheet has created a central location to assign tasks and record communications for a one stop ac..."
David Estes
Operations Manager

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