"Ultimately, migrating to a Google Apps and Smartsheet ecosystem enabled us to lower costs, improve co..."
Corky Tate
CIO and VP of Ancillary Services
"Every management team that we've introduced to Smartsheet has fallen in love with it. It's so intuiti..."
Todd Marker
Co-founder and Partner
"Without a tool like Smartsheet, I couldn't do this job. It's saved my life. And as a company - we cou..."
Amy Tucker
Project Manager
"But we couldn’t get down to the level of detail in Salesforce that we needed. Our engineers used Smar..."
Emily Tam
Director of IT and Infrastructure
"We tested more than 20 different tools for project management in the Google Apps Marketplace. The com..."
Janis Majors
Project Manager
"We couldn't run nor grow our business without Smartsheet. Last year we had two or three people using..."
Mona Anita Olsen
"We use Smartsheet in so many different ways. It's invaluable. With team members working from many dif..."
Meredith Esham
Director of Marketing and Communications
"When I found Smartsheet, I knew we would be more efficient right away. It was immediately useful and..."
Keith DiAngelis
Senior Director, Technical Services & Business Process Optimization
"Our global operations team manages complicated year-long projects and we needed a user-friendly proje..."
Justin McDonald
Sr. Marketing Operations Manager
"We needed a dedicated effort to partner training. We wanted to provide visible structure and real-tim..."
Sara Stauffer
Sr. Manager Partner Accreditation
"Managing timelines in complicated project software was not client-friendly. I needed to reduce email..."
Tina Pagos
Senior Project Manager, Customer Enablement
"Before Smartsheet we were managing our business on paper using printed reports. Operations tasks that..."
Kristen Johnston
Design & Marketing Manager
"Everyone had their own system for tracking which meant less access to projects and duplicative effort..."
Heather Pugh
Project & Account Manager
"It’s uncomplicated, yet it does so much...."
Judi Campbell
Marketing Manager
"I can have 30+ significant IT projects going on at any one time, each involving 70 or more participan..."
Bob Geramita
Manager, IT Project Management
"Have you ever had that feeling lying in bed, when you can't stop thinking about what you have to do t..."
Neil Bergquist

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