"We've been able to reduce thousands of dollars in operational costs. Signifyd cuts down any research..."
"I highly recommend the service…especially if you have a fulfillment center and sophisticated back-end..."
Emily Hayes
Operations Manager
"Working with (Signifyd) gives us peace of mind and it also just helps us do our job better because we..."
Jay Amstutz
Ohio Power Tool
"I recommend using it for the peace of mind. Even if it costs us a little extra, we need to realize wh..."
Jon Smith
Operations Manager
"What I really like about Signifyd is that you’re moving from an uncertain amount of risk to a very co..."
Donny Ton
Operations Director
"If you care about your business and you’re starting to grow, Signifyd is definitely necessary. There..."
Travis Garrett
co-founder and creative director
"Trying to make sure I’m soft enough and do it with an understanding point of view. So the customer is..."
Megan Garber
Sales Support Supervisor
"There’s so much work to do, so many markets to explore, and so many new styles to consider. We’re gra..."
Steve Morales
Marketing Strategy
"My greatest challenge now is choosing my next augmented reality vendor. Just do it. Quit goofing arou..."
Scott Perry
Director of Ecommerce
"Accept more orders with zero fraud losses, that’s what we were promised, and that’s what Signifyd has..."
Jaime Bacalan
"Once we realized the orders were fraudulent, we tried to filter them out, but had limited success and..."
Tony Trew
Director of Marketing and E-commerce
"Signifyd knows if the order is good, or if it's fraud. And when they are wrong, which can happen, the..."
Tara Youngblood
"Since Signifyd guarantees every order we know we're covered if anything, even one order, goes through..."
Caleb Callahan
"Signifyd has helped us eliminate fraud and chargebacks as we can accept a lot more orders, and ship t..."
Sarah Hoffman
Head of Online Sales
"We chose Signifyd because they guarantee protection against fraud. So if Signifyd is wrong about an o..."
Lindsay Held
President & Co-Founder
"With Signifyd’s dashboard we’re able to quickly see all order details, from where the IP is, to email..."
Arthur Ilyev
Head of Operations

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