"It’s fantastic to be able to listen in on your team’s calls. The Whisper functionality is really help..."
Scott Leese
Senior Vice President
"I have a great line of communication to Matt. When I need him, he’s there – and we’ve needed him ofte..."
Steve Dinner
Director of Business Development
"SalesLoft is really the engine for everything that we do for opportunity generation. The BDRs live in..."
Kyle Norton
Vice President of Sales
"I get to work with and learn from super smart and talented people everyday...."
Tim Yoo
Junior UX Researcher
"SalesLoft kicks more ass than Chuck Norris...."
James Keil
SVP of Sales
"Salesforce itself is very complex and can be intimidating if you’ve never used it before. Once you’ve..."
Baron Schwartz
Founder and CEO
"We figured that if we did that, the money would take care of itself. That’s our ethos still to this d..."
Ben Childs
"Before SalesLoft, we had tried most dialers on the market without success...."
Andrew Seidman
Head of Operations
"SalesLoft helps us better understand what content is resonating with people, what cadence generates t..."
Dan Hanrahan
Founder & CEO
"A personalized experience is going to outperform a generic experience every single time. What I love..."
Shawn Cook
Chief Sales Officer
"We had a gentleman that was on a SalesLoft cadence who had last donated in 2015. He emailed us back t..."
Charles O’Donnell
Manager, Sales & Services
"We love that SalesLoft gives us the opportunity to provide call coaching. We leverage this functional..."
Steve Dodsworth
Director of Lead Development
"I knew we needed a solution. I needed something that would hold my team to a process...."
Kevin Truex
Inside Sales Manger
"I love being here because of the driven, humble, and exceptional people I get to work with...."
Colin James
Enterprise SDR, Team Lead
"Using SalesLoft has made our team extremely efficient. It gives our team a huge competitive advantage..."
Andrew Gazdecki
"We needed a tool that could improve the quality of our prospecting data. Something that could improve..."
Adam Ruse
Inside Sales Manager

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