"With Pardot, marketing is personalizing the conversation with content tailored to each buyer, and sal..."
Alan English
Senior Brand Manager
"There’s an opportunity within the organization to really blur the lines between marketing and sales,..."
Robert Holmes
Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Mac Tools, Stanley Black & Decker
"Pardot has allowed our marketing team to maintain consistency in our messaging globally. We can stay..."
Diane Saeger
Vice President of Marketing
"I’m pleased with the ease of implementing Pardot. We did not have a lot of time, nor did I have the l..."
Keith Ellis
Vice President Marketing
"My favorite thing about Pardot is their support staff…Pardot support is extremely responsive, happy,..."
Kaleigh Alessandro
Marketing Programs Manager
"Our culture changed from a company selling print books door to door and to schools and libraries, to..."
Michael Ross
Senior Vice President
"I come from an email marketing background where I worked for a company that basically sold managed se..."
Ryan Wofford
Director of Marketing, Deposco
"Salesforce Pardot and allow the small Field Nation marketing team to punch above our weight...."
Billy Cripe
CMO, Field Nation
"Pardot has made my job more complex, but the return is phenomenal. Marketing communications is a lot..."
Chris Uschan
Product Marketing Leader
"Pardot acts as an additional resource for Epicom, by automating communication, affording us more focu..."
Amanda Anderson
Marketing Manager
"The services and support team at Pardot has been solid. It’s reasonable to expect a 300% increase in..."
Jesse Hopps
"The best surprise after implementing Pardot has been the support and the people. When I went to the P..."
Russ Kerscher
Marketing Manager
"Salesforce is the only CRM solution that makes me money. That’s the bottom line...."
Sam Rajkovich
Director of Sales and Marketing
"It’s been very, very easy for us to cost-justify the ongoing fees associated with Pardot. The owners..."
Margot Menna
Head of Marketing, PIKA Technologies
"So to us, the real keys were ease of use, and power, and value. And if you put those three together,..."
Eric Goldman
CEO, Gossamar
"I cannot imagine our business without Salesforce...."
Mark Hope
President and CEO

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