"Qminder increases the efficiency of the front desk because they now know it’s being monitored. They k..."
Jamey Felsing
Director of Information Technology
"They are very happy to walk over and click the iPad and out they go. We use Qminder as a way to recor..."
Christensen’s Plant & Hardscape Centers
"Having Qminder has been incredibly helpful. We deal with a huge number of people coming in every day..."
Gary Morgan
CLR Supervisor
"The department director loves the statistics that Qminder provides. We were never able to track how m..."
City of West Hollywood
"In the past we had stanchions and belts like in an airport, and it was like cattle. With Qminder, we..."
Kirby Ulme
Sales Representative
"With just five people, our store seemed full with a straight line. When the sixth person walked in th..."
Derrick Wolfensberger
Assistant Manager
"Our goal is to make five minutes seem like 30 seconds. The customer doesn’t mind waiting and can brow..."
George Frankie McAllister
Store Manager
"Qminder’s simplicity is what we love the most. It is easy to introduce to the team and it barely need..."
Amy Marr
Director of Operations
"Tele2 wants to achieve that customers could browse around the store while waiting and Qminder is doin..."
Arnis Pucins
"We implemented Qminder to create a customer service offering that matched our clinical aspirations. W..."
Ed Challinor
CEO & First Officer
"Qminder has been the perfect solution. It helps us accurately identify the time between when patients..."
Jamey Felsing
Director of Information Technology
"Qminder provides an elegant queuing solution and offers such customer statistics that were not availa..."
Joshua Luster
Assistant Information Technology Director
"After an easy setup, we only spent 20 minutes training the team how to use Qminder. The software is e..."
Rimantė Vaitkutė
Marketing Project Manager
"The data we get from Qminder helps us fully satisfy our customers, by bringing down long wait times a..."
Paul Jun A. Timtiman
Project Lead & IT Support
"Qminder has allowed us to look at visitor volumes, trends, wait times and this results in ways to hel..."
Mary Zajac
Office Manager
"Qminder has drastically improved the workflow of our phlebotomy draw station. No more patients waitin..."
Christina Lathrop
LIS Analyst

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