"We needed a cost-effective CRM solution with a straightforward feature set and highly intuitive inter..."
William Mak
Chief Financial Officer
"I have tried a few off the shelf CRMs and even went as far as getting one custom built. Save yourself..."
Elias Slater
"In ten years, we have never considered switching to another CRM. The cost-benefit equation on Pipelin..."
Matt Enders
"Frequent engagement with our customers has allowed us to move from 65% market share to 81% market sha..."
Tom Schaaf
Vice President and General Manager
"PipelineDeals has been a lifesaver. We deal in long-term relationships, and our customers value consi..."
James Jeffcoat
IT Director
"PipelineDeals has made my life so much easier. Clients feel like we're really on top of things, and w..."
Jillian Shuttleworth
Office Manager
"With PipelineDeals, we're communicating better and closing deals much faster. The best thing is the r..."
Kim Hicks
Sales Administrator
"The ramp up and learning process was super simple with PipelineDeals. The software is straightforward..."
Brian Coleman
Manager of Agent Acquisitions
"PipelineDeals hit all of our checkmarks, offering everything we need in a CRM. It's customizable. It..."
Grant Hensarling
Database Manager
"The mobile app is pretty damn good. I have all of our contacts in the mobile app. I can call and emai..."
Jeff Bouchy
"Our sales team loves the features. This app is the number one tool we use to stay organized, manage c..."
Drew Schildwatcher
ConnectPay Payroll Services
"We introduced eight new types of software to our company thanks to our growth. The best service exper..."
Tammy Bertrand
WLS Companies
"It's an exciting time to be in the LED (light emitting diode) lighting space because the need has exp..."
Dean Pritchard
Chief Executive Officer
"Thanks to PipelineDeals, we're prepared to go gangbusters to get more drivers on the road. It's excit..."
Tammy Mette
Accounting Manager
"We make an absolute effort to make sure we have top-notch customer service, and PipelineDeals with Za..."
Amit Roy
Your Energy Solutions
"If we are going to start a website, I have a trigger and automation to let my website department know..."
Chirece Noonan
Customer Service Manager

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