"After reviewing many other CRM solutions, I made the decision to implement PipelineDeals. For our sim..."
Kevin Zerbe
Vice President
"We've been using PipelineDeals for well over a year now and have found it to be a simple yet highly e..."
Ross Beyeler
"We spent 40 hours evaluating various CRM and sales software solutions. There’s a lot of hype out ther..."
Victor Mojica
Business Partner
"PipelineDeals.com has provided our company with a CRM that is flexible and yet robust enough for our..."
Pat Hallett
Director of Sales & Marketing
"PipelineDeals is a key factor in our sales growth, It allows myself and my team to effectively manage..."
Michelle Dunnill
"In ten years, we have never considered switching to another CRM. The cost-benefit equation on Pipelin..."
Matt Enders
"PipelineDeals is simple, clear, and concise. It's not bogged down with a lot of extra noise. It was v..."
Margaret Pagel
VP of Sales and Marketing
"PipelineDeals has made my life so much easier. Clients feel like we're really on top of things, and w..."
Jillian Shuttleworth
Office Manager
"With PipelineDeals, we're communicating better and closing deals much faster. The best thing is the r..."
Kim Hicks
Sales Administrator
"Last year, we welcomed around 200 new customers each month. PipelineDeals has been essential to manag..."
Blake Stoudt
Digital Media Manager
"The ramp up and learning process was super simple with PipelineDeals. The software is straightforward..."
Brian Coleman
Manager of Agent Acquisitions
"Implementing PipelineDeals was super quick. It was easy for our sales team to learn. Our sales operat..."
Marco Kristen
Marketing Director
"PipelineDeals was my first choice from the start. The staff offer great support and customer service...."
David Chism
"Our sales team loves the features. This app is the number one tool we use to stay organized, manage c..."
Drew Schildwatcher
ConnectPay Payroll Services
"With Sugar, in order to input information it took so many steps. I felt like I had to complete all th..."
Dan Shand
General Manager
"If we are going to start a website, I have a trigger and automation to let my website department know..."
Chirece Noonan
Customer Service Manager

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