"Prior to using Pingboard we used a master spreadsheet that constantly fell out of date. Now, most ever..."
John Schuster
VP of Engineering
"One cool side effect is the water-cooler conversations that get spawned over status updates in Pingbo..."
Tona Medina
Customer Success Manager
"I don’t know what I would do without Pingboard—it’s paid for itself...."
Kelsey Sullivan
Manager of HR and Talent Development
"Pingboard doesn’t take much to understand in order to get going, maintain, or to use. That was huge f..."
Beth McFarland
Training Specialist
"Pingboard is so easy to roll out, and in a situation like ours where you have remote employees, it co..."
Christine Morse
HR Manager
"We don’t have to disrupt people with requests to update their information anymore—it’s been a big cul..."
Bjorn Pave
Director of Information Technology
"ShopKeep has been using Pingboard for over a year at this point and we love it more with every new fe..."
Brian Kosicki
Talent Manager
"Pingboard allows us to move quicker and be more efficient. We are growing but feel even more connecte..."
Tyler Tanigawa
Director of Marketing
"It's a wonderful app! It took me minutes to build and share a 150 person Org Chart...."
Jon Stotter
IT Manager
"Convenient way to get info about other employees of the company - who they are, how they look like, w..."
Goran Begic
VP of Strategy
"Everyone in the company "LOVES" the Organizational chart...."
Ginger Dahlquist
Administrative Assistant
"Pingboard is much easier to get to know my coworkers...."
Janna Huang
"We love it! Our experience with your company has actually changed how we interact with other vendors..."
Molly Demarest
Sr. Director of Operations
"We have a very distributed team over 7 time zones and 3 continents. Pingboard is helpful in putting a..."
Eric Kish
"Pingboard is the best tool I've come across to make our company feel small even though we are hiring..."
Maggie Importante
Human Resources/Office Specialist
"In less than an hour I had our intranet accounts syncing from Pingboard. Slick! I see a bunch of uses..."
Ben Papillon
Web Engineer

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