"I love Pingboard, not sure how we managed before its time...."
Joel Knight
VP Customer Experience
"I lost all my contacts on my phone. A coworker said to try the Pingboard mobile app. I installed it a..."
BJ Winkler
Senior Manager
"As a remote employee for a company that adds more new employees in a month than I can count on both m..."
John-Henry Scherk
Web Strategist
"Pingboard brings the employee database to the 21st century. Simple, open, accessible from anywhere—it..."
Bill Karpovich
"Pingboard has gotta be one of the best software tools we use. Love it! It's been really reliable, fas..."
Robert Boler
"We've hired some new people who have been vocal about how helpful having an org chart would have been..."
Cathy Guthrie
VP People
"Pingboard fosters a wonderful feeling of connectedness and familiarity among our worldwide remote tea..."
Jenneviere Villegas
Marketing and Culture
"I don’t know what I would do without Pingboard—it’s paid for itself...."
Kelsey Sullivan
Manager of HR and Talent Development
"Pingboard doesn’t take much to understand in order to get going, maintain, or to use. That was huge f..."
Beth McFarland
Training Specialist
"I've deployed quite a few tools and systems in my career and I've never got this much positive unsoli..."
Thomas Kline
Team Manager, System Operations
"Many HR systems provide this type of service but their interfaces are terrible, their costs are too h..."
David Boyd
"Pingboard is much easier to get to know my coworkers...."
Janna Huang
"We love it! Our experience with your company has actually changed how we interact with other vendors..."
Molly Demarest
Sr. Director of Operations
"Pingboard has helped us in propelling a high-performance team. One of the best apps to shape a cultur..."
Gary Reck
Product and Tech Facilitator
"Pingboard is the best tool I've come across to make our company feel small even though we are hiring..."
Maggie Importante
Human Resources/Office Specialist
"I really like Pingboard, design and usability are excellent imho plus its a really useful tool, great..."
Andrew Clarke
VP of Operations

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