"Any time we have a question or do not understand how to do a process, our support person is very prom..."
Sharee Ballantyne
American Building Supply Inc
"All payroll programs are very easy to use. Extensive and diversified reports for all tax reporting an..."
Darlene Schilmiller
Uhl Truck Sales, Inc.
"Great HR and Payroll software; It gets the job done!..."
Bradley Chick
Glidewell Specialties Foundry Co, Inc
"I have worked with several different payroll systems in my career and your program is far and away th..."
Tom Griggs
U.P. Special Delivery, Inc.
"It's a fabulous system that is tailored to our needs rather than a one size fits all approach that yo..."
Mary Ann Esque
Beeson Hardware Company
"Vendor is always very helpful. When my own rep is out of town, I am always very well taken care of if..."
Beth Barham
"Please express my appreciation to those individuals responsible for the Time & Attendance upgrade. I..."
Dave Cassidy
"Our first payroll is complete. Everyone has been paid on time and all the calculations were correct...."
Dan Bellor
View Point Health
"Our personal rep has been able to answer all questions, get us assistance with all of our needs and m..."
Kelli Kinde
M&R Corporate Services, LLC
"Great customer support and very friendly staff...."
Lynn Burak
Engineered Machine Products
"Optimum has simplified our payroll and payroll reporting process. You have a valuable product, proble..."
Rhonda Neal
MCL Cafeterias, Inc.
"Basically, it’s heaven being able to control your payroll. It’s a really easy system. I love Optimum..."
Rene Whittaker
Quickway Carriers
"It has been an improvement from our previous payroll system. There have been time savings for process..."
Jackie Thompson
Yanke Group of Companies
"This program far exceeded my expectations for payroll software...."
Kecia Friesen
Sierra View Homes
"Our Support rep is awesome; we couldn’t do it without her. Our OSI sales rep was awesome as well, she..."
Todd Keup
Mastercraft Industries, Inc.
"This software is overall very reliable and accurate. I would definitely recommend it...."
Marlen Perez
City of Belle Glade

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