"OpenText spoke our language. We had many discussions, live demos, pilot programs, and weighted analys..."
Steven Bleakley
IT Client Services Manager, Newfield Exploration Company
"What is exciting to us about Content Suite is the flexibility to take the toolkit that OpenText provid..."
Colleen MacNaughton
Corporate Records Analyst
"We have to provide specific information, which must be easy to find -- a task that OpenText Semantic..."
Ulrich Weiss
Department Head
"Highly trained staff spend less time thinking about everyday operations and more time considering wid..."
Rick Brooks
Operations Director
"With OpenText TeamSite, eight people manage 18,000 pages in 15 different languages for 20 different v..."
Ed O’Connor
Director of Global Ecommerce and Digital Marketing
"As we continue to strive for greater efficiency and higher levels of productivity, using digital and..."
Institute of Higher Education
Director of Compensation & Employee Records
"Using OpenText MBPM, the hospital has saved money on paper costs by eliminating over forty paper form..."
Metro Health
"We're one Council. We're one team. We have one central repository which is Content Suite and everythi..."
Jeff Clement
Records Team Leader
"Overall, the project has met with universally positive reactions. We’re pleased with the results deli..."
Christophe Derdeyn
Business Systems Solutions Manager
"We have two months to carry out suitability tests and job interviews. The OpenText business process m..."
Matthias Schubert
Advisor on HR Support Processes
"Our committee members, of which there are more than 11,000, know they can rely on the OpenText soluti..."
Nisha Gupta
Committee, Processes & Systems Manager
"We envisage that other workers from the city of Amsterdam will soon also be able to use the system an..."
Clara Wiegel
OGA Information Manager
"OpenText Brava! reduced the time it takes with each report, which increased our work production and u..."
Daniel Soto
Glendale Police Sergeant
"We are using FirstClass in so many ways beyond just email. As a resource for our facility, FirstClass..."
Jay Rosener
Network Administrator
"The solution saves a huge amount of time. We don’t have to schedule large groups of people to attend..."
Peter Meredith
Information and Communications Systems Manager
"OpenText Managed Services is integrated in everything that we do. We are very dependent on it and are..."
Lori Reilly
EDI Coordinator

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