"OpenText Employee File Management for SAP Solutions is a key link in the chain because it allows our..."
David Waldo
Director of Enterprise Applications
"All of our incoming Patient Health Information comes in through the fax process and we have a commitm..."
Jennifer Bell
Enterprise Content Management Architect and Analyst
"OpenText StreamServe saves at least 50 percent of the time we would've spent on certain processes, an..."
Jos Fransen
Application Specialist
"With the hardware performance improvements that we've made, coupled with the improvements that Conten..."
Tara Drover
iPas DM Product Manager, Hatch
"With the detailed history we have through Fax Appliance, we ensure compliance with HIPAA, and we less..."
Chris Patterson
IT Administrator, Florida Heart and Vascular Associates
"The system has brought a new dimension to the way we do business. By giving our customers a single ac..."
Deepak Sharma
Global IT Director, Business Solutions & Support
"With enterprise visibility, Salt River Project can analyze the best approach and rapidly implement ch..."
Salt River Project
"Whatever pain point we had within the organization, OpenText seemed to have a solution that allowed u..."
Vince Boccieri
ECM Program Manager
"We process approximately 150,000 invoices a year. Before, we were operating with a cost per invoice o..."
Mel Payne
Senior Business Analyst
"The complexity of our projects often requires specific skills from staff that could be located anywhe..."
Philip Forshaw
ECM Manager
"With StreamServe, we are no longer reliant on outsiders to make even the smallest of changes to one o..."
Nele Poppe
Divisional Manager & Projects and Integration
"The combination of OpenText ProVision and OpenText MBPM now provides Rompetrol stakeholders traceabil..."
"OpenText is truly mission-critical to our business. We're able to produce the store order books a day..."
Arjan Klok
Application Warehouse Management Specialist
"We believe that no system is better than OpenText Web Site Management and OpenText solutions are much..."
Eric Huxohl
IT Developer
"Outsourcing to OpenText gives us a competitive edge. As a dedicated e-grocery business, we can focus..."
Tim Horne
Head of IT Retail
"With OpenText B2B Managed Services, Mitsubishi Motors boosts its B2B e-commerce capabilities signific..."

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