"For competitive positioning reasons, it was essential that we continue to offer a leading-edge social..."
David Howlett
Senior Director, Consumer Insights and Strategy, J.D. Powers and Associates.
"With NetBase, T-Mobile can slice and dice social media data in ways we’d never seen before. Now, we c..."
Michelle Mattson
Senior Manager, Social Customer Support & Chat Strategy
"Our #1 objective is amplifying, protecting and engaging conversations around our brands. NetBase help..."
Christopher Fuller
Director of Social Strategy, Yum! Brands
"Not only did NetBase allow Pivot researches to save time, but the data reported was more valuable to..."
Mike Edelhart
CEO, Pivot Conference
"Insights are richer and more actionable than ever. NetBase analytics help us understand how individua..."
Becca James
Director of Insights & Strategy
"As one of the first brands to test NetBase’s Audience 3D for our Mobile App launch, we’ve found that..."
Mihir Minawala
Manager of Social, Industry & Competitive Intelligence
"Post Offices are the heart of communities across the UK. Social insights from NetBase allow us to kee..."
Darren Jones
Social Media Manager
"Consumer data is so vast, and yet so important—it cannot be discounted. NetBase provides tools that q..."
Heather Carlock
Manager of Marketing Intelligence and Business Strategy
"Before using NetBase we spent a lot of time cobbling together insights to tell us how students, alumn..."
Caitlyn Read
Associate Director of Communications
"We always use NetBase to inform the social strategy for our clients and the surprises we uncovered fo..."
Adam Pierno
Director of Brand Strategy and Planning
"NetBase is easy to use and has reduced a process that previously took days to a matter of hours and e..."
Faisal Ahmed
Creative Technology and Innovation Director
"The entire process – from keyword to cross-ref to lead generations – took roughly 30 minutes...."
Andrew Nealon
Technology Director
"Prior to NetBase we had insights to offer prospects, but it took much longer and we missed the holist..."
Jillian Fabiano
Research Director
"Our clients count on us to steer them in the right direction to maximize their social campaigns. NetB..."
Terrace Chappell
Social Content Manager
"NetBase is the driving force behind our recipe and meal-prep video content. Without the precise audie..."
Mary Rodgers
Director of Marketing Communications
"One, their sentiment analysis was the most accurate. Two, we already had a relationship with NetBase..."
Andrea Javor
Global Director of Digital & Media Strategy

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