"NetBase has given us a way, which didn't exist that long ago, to analyze and get insights into the so..."
Cavan Reagan Reichmann
Director, Social Engagement Practice, Spong
"As one of the first brands to test NetBase’s Audience 3D for our Mobile App launch, we’ve found that..."
Mihir Minawala
Manager of Social, Industry & Competitive Intelligence
"You get a limited amount of your audience's time and attention when communicating via social media, s..."
Robert Genovese
Vice President, Marketing, Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc
"The accurate real-time insights surfaced in NetBase allowed us to steer our client in the right direc..."
Sarah Flagg
Sr. Account Executive – PR and Social Media
"In order to build the perfect campaign to draw customers to the Georgia Aquarium in 2015, we needed t..."
Ted Tagalakis
Director of Marketing Science & Digital Strategy
"At Arby’s we’re not about social selling. We are about creating brand affinity by delivering a delici..."
Michael Nguyen
Supervisor of Social Media
"The value of NetBase cannot be overstated – NetBase has allowed us to stay ahead of the conversation..."
José Higuera
Creative Strategist
"NetBase is invaluable to our client marketing strategy. Without understanding who the key influencers..."
Kristin Johansen
Social Media Strategist
"More people talking about brands positively is what you need to identify. And tools like NetBase fina..."
Christian Buss
"For the past two years David & Goliath have used NetBase to align the many components that make a suc..."
Shaun Jacobs
Digital Analytics Manager
"Audience 3D dimensionalizes our customer understanding in new & valuable ways. We are able to uncover..."
Matthew Schmertz
Senior Manager - Digital Marketing
"Consumer data is so vast, and yet so important—it cannot be discounted. NetBase provides tools that q..."
Heather Carlock
Manager of Marketing Intelligence and Business Strategy
"Without NetBase insights we wouldn’t have known our campaign strategy needed to be adjusted. Changing..."
Tony Grotticelli
Director of Digital Development & Analytics
"We always use NetBase to inform the social strategy for our clients and the surprises we uncovered fo..."
Adam Pierno
Director of Brand Strategy and Planning
"When clients come to us, it’s critical we give them clear actions that will bring the ROI they desire..."
Katherine Jacoby
Branch Creative Network
"Social audit and insights is often an eye opener for companies. Many assume they know who their custo..."
Meg Poulelis
Social Associate Director

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