"We would build stuff for desktop first and not necessarily think about how it would affect the mobile..."
Deus Duke
Mobile Development Lead, Tria Beauty
"Mobile was kind of off in a silo, where it had its own team dedicated to working on it, but it just c..."
Steven Frier
Director of Ecommerce, Carnival Cruises
"I really do feel like the Mobify team is just an extension of the Beyond the Rack team in all of our..."
Richard Cohene
VP Marketing, Beyond the Rack
"We haven't had to slow our pace of innovation. I've been able to offer a suite of mobile optimized we..."
Harvey Bierman
Vice president of E-Commerce Technology and OperationsVice President of E-Commerce Technology and Operations
"Like a lot of retailers, our strategy is to make sure the omnichannel experience is seamless between..."
Matt Haracz
Director of eCommerce
"We now have a very fast site that’s easier to navigate, as well as app-like features like add-to-home..."
Daniel Collier
Multi-Channel Development Manager
"Winning retailers have always looked at their value chain from customer experience backwards to avoid..."
Michael Tasooji
Retail IT Leader Former CIO
"Mobify is the only company that offers a platform to build and manage your PWA front-end as a service..."
Andrew Mottaz
Sr. Director of Interactive Strategy,
"Mobify helped us understand not just mobile as a channel to customers, but how the customer was exper..."
Carolina Servigna
Senior Director of Technology
"Immediately noticeable was the fresh user interface, which looked like a slick app We didn’t want sho..."
Paula Hassett
Director of Customer Experience and Operations
"Initially, we were exploring an iOS app but when we saw Mobify’s Progressive Web approach we knew we..."
Malik Abu-Ghazaleh
Vice President of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce
"Mobify has given us what we would regard as a best-in-class mobile experience...."
Marcus Fairbrother
Omni-Channel Strategic Development Manager
"The combination of Mobify’s ‘start anywhere’ mobile customer engagement platform, and Evans Hunt’s ta..."
Amy Larson
Vice President of Ecommerce and Marketing
"When you have a mobile site already and a fast-on-their-feet team, it’s incredibly quick with Mobify..."
Greg Martin
IT Operations Manager
"The new site will transform our customer’s experience of shopping with Debenhams on their mobiles. We..."
Ross Clemmow
Managing Director Retail, Digital, Food & Events

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