"Implementation was quite simple. A couple of IT technicians got the system-wide M-Files implementatio..."
Brett Bonenberger
"Having quick access to our large body of technical and client data in M-Files enables us to deliver w..."
Ned A. Lenhart MBA
"From an IT perspective, weve had a much easier time recovering lost information with M-Files, Previou..."
Darcy Ellarby
Director of IT
"Our main objective is to work as a support organization that the retailers can always rely on. Since..."
Nora Immonen
Director of the Establishment and Construction Business Unit
"One of the best things about M-Files is its FLEXIBILITY AND EASE OF USE IN ADMINISTRATION Instead of..."
Inna Neujahr
vice president
"Automated workflows ensure that the monitoring and reporting procedures are completed. This has not o..."
Susanna Eerola
Quality Control Manager
"The most attractive part of the M-Files electronic document manager for me was that all the informati..."
Barb Burns
Computer and Franchise Service Coordinator
"The use of M-Files workflows to automate and streamline as many of our processes as possible has vast..."
Steve Driver
"All of our quality documents and files are structured under ISO 17025, and we found M-Files to be a s..."
Jerry Curtis
Director of Test Operations
"With M-Files, we can be sure that our operations comply with all the relevant standards and requireme..."
Jenni Vainio
Quality and Environmental Manager
"We evaluated several other ECM and document management solutions, but M-Files stood out because of it..."
Tanya Krasteva
Project Manager
"M-Files is great, it only takes me five seconds to find a specific file among thousands...."
Amber Moss
Marketing Coordinator
"In addition to being a superior document management system with robust workflow capabilities and the..."
Tiina Niinimaki
Development Manager
"The ability to simply right click on a document and access its full version history, see who has mod..."
Steve Mapleston
Head of IT
"The efficiencies gained by M-Files frees up more time for managers. This gives us a chance to actuall..."
Andrew Daily
Managing Director
"Other systems we looked at seemed to be much more costly, and would have taken longer to implement th..."
Thorunn Bergsdottir
Quality Manager

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