"LinkedIn allows me to share names from my professional network and prompts my contacts and clients as..."
Brian McGrath
Guardian Financial Representative
"LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the best tool that our sales team has for our social and target account s..."
Dennis Dresser
VP Sales, Americas
"LinkedIn Sales Navigator is now our number-one social selling resource, and it’s made a tremendous di..."
Jill Rowley
"Using Sales Navigator and the advanced search functionality, we were able to identify the senior exec..."
Danielle Barnes
Director - Global Business Development
"We haven’t found a better source for getting to the proper contact as quickly as we can with LinkedIn..."
Lynn Sigfred
Vice President
"Sales Navigator is absolutely our main source of data. Every single day, every single hour, the team..."
Dervla Cunningham
Senior Sales Manager
"I really value being able to follow leads without asking for a connection. Just yesterday, I saw one..."
Fernando Alves
Commercial Account Manager
"I don’t really know how I would do my job successfully without it today...."
Erin Ford
"So you think modern selling can’t be applied to wealth management and life assurance? Well, think twi..."
Christophe Regnault
Digital Marketing Manager
"LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps our agents take their prospecting to the next level and gives them acc..."
Nate Isaacson
Social Media Manager
"LinkedIn has shown us a whole new way to drive quality prospecting activity, leading to quality sales..."
Beth Wood
Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Individual Markets
"Today, I’m much better prepared. I never go into a meeting or a phone call with a prospect without lo..."
Brian Kaye
Principal Architect IoT Overlay Group
"Sales Navigator has flowed seamlessly into our social selling strategy, giving reps a new platform to..."
Linda DiBias
Manager, Content and Social Media Marketing
"Sales Navigator increases my ability to build relationships with clients. The more ways I can reach a..."
Rob Baldwin
Inside Corporate Sales
"It takes the ‘cold’ out of cold calling. If you know who you’re talking to, where they’re from, what..."
Arthur Jager
Corporate Account Manager
"I love getting updates on leads. I get insights into their thoughts and interests. If they share some..."
Niladri Mukherjee
Area Sales Director for Scandinavian Markets

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