"Previously, we needed 28 people to answer citizen questions quickly and accurately. Today, with a sta..."
Larry Herrera
City Clerk
"We have just scratched the surface to uncover the potential uses of Laserfiche within our organizatio..."
Chris Noyes
Business Systems Analyst
"Continuous improvement is important to us, In order to ensure that we offer truly exceptional service..."
Tom Brajkovich
"Our system logs every possible interaction with a document, Even if a document is deleted, it is stil..."
Barry Chapman
Director of IT
"I’ve been spreading the word about Laserfiche and notifying Cities Digital about interested prospects..."
Patsy Brizard
Assistant Vice President
"I would definitely say that this has been the best enhancement to any A/P process that we’ve done—I’v..."
Kevin Payne
Chesterfield’s Acting Accounts Payable Manager
"Our wish list is always full when it comes to Laserfiche, If you can think of it, Laserfiche can do a..."
Doug Miller
Operations Manager
"From an IT standpoint, Laserfiche is easy to maneuver and to develop and change.You’re not going back..."
Ali Mroue
Chief Operating Officer
"In addition to the Laserfiche talent, our IT department brings a broad skill base to support a shared..."
Judith Lewis
Senior IT Manager
"Prior to implementing Laserfiche, I was virtually in the dark with respect to ECM. I didn’t have the..."
Brian Pellegrin
IS Business Support Manager
"With the volume of usage we’re seeing, Laserfiche WebLink has paid for itself tenfold in staff time s..."
Maryanne Fair
Deputy Clerk
"Laserfiche is the one tool on your desktop that actually does what it’s supposed to do and what you a..."
Amy Johnson
Systems administrator
"If you look at companies like Microsoft or Apple, they owe a lot of their success to the way develope..."
Loring G. Hummel
Team Manager
"I’m more proud of our users than anything else. We’re really happy to see the expansion that we’ve be..."
Devin Goble
Programmer Analyst
"The remaining three departments that don’t use Laserfiche are seeing how much the other departments l..."
Nate Koehler
IT Administrator
"The frustrated phone calls from students are down and now we’re getting calls from other departments..."
Dr. Annebelle Nery
Executive Dean, Enrollment Services

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