"Kount has been a great partner. Their combination of tools, service, and people that understand our b..."
José Andrés Chávez
Anti-Fraud Operations
"Micro Center has a motto about fraud, ‘How can we ruin a bad guy’s day?’ Since the implementation of..."
Skip Myers
Director of Loss Prevention
"The pricing and value we get from Kount is totally worth it. We avoided about $103,000 in chargeback..."
Kari Bernardo
E-Commerce Risk Manager
"Fear of fraud was hamstringing us. We were afraid that if we took a bunch of orders this month—especi..."
Nicholas Schneider
Operations Manager HDI Commerce
"Kount did more than just get us back to ‘even’ by stopping the fraud. The bigger picture is that we’v..."
Adam Schwartz
General Manager
"Kount Complete makes things so much faster and easier. For instance, I can quickly implement special..."
Christine Barnum
"Kount reduced the amount of manual reviews by 70 percent while delivering a 75 percent decline in our..."
Leading Global Cosmetics Company
Fraud Prevention Coordinator
"The percentage of fraudulent orders was as high as 20% at the peak of the attack. But with Kount, our..."
Auto Parts and Aftermarket Accessories Company
eCommerce Manager
"Our chargeback rate dropped 50% in the very first month of using Kount. Now our chargeback rate avera..."
Jeff Evans
eCommerce Operations Manager
"Our product losses are down 50% to 60% with Kount and Ethoca. I would highly recommend the Ethoca int..."
Mike Hollick
Director of Customer Care
"Our business has doubled while the chargeback rate for our merchants has declined 500%...."
John Johansen
Fraud Manager
"Our chargeback percentage of Total Transaction Volume is 0.03% compared to an Australian Online Trave..."
Tim Wagg
General Manager Customer Operations
"Kount is absolutely a value. Considering what we pay for Kount, if it stops just one of our big charg..."
Liz Lee
E-Commerce Manager
"The onboarding process through Kount was very easy They’ve been very responsive, they’ve been fantast..."
Frank Dochat
Senior Analyst Asset Protection
"We’ve stopped well over $1 Million Dollars in fraud and we are only half-way through the year...."
Chad Evans
Manager of eCommerce & Digital Investigations
"As we roll out new countries from a sales perspective, we absolutely will have Kount on the front end..."
Lee Bowen
Vice President of Finance

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