"Kount is really generating a great ROI, it’s tremendous. Kount is a 10 out of 10...."
Federico Pezzotti
Head of Payment Operation
"You always hear about the jewelry industry getting targeted for fraud, so it’s great to have a soluti..."
Kara Mangiere
Director of E-Commerce
"We would recommend Kount. It’s a robust and complete solution, and has more than paid for itself. We..."
Nick Sabila
CEO and Owner
"With thousands of dollars at risk on many orders, Kount delivers excellent value. The drop in decline..."
Lisa Bolton
Operations Manager
"Fear of fraud was hamstringing us. We were afraid that if we took a bunch of orders this month—especi..."
Nicholas Schneider
Operations Manager HDI Commerce
"The big advantage of Kount is their sophisticated Rules Engine, which would take years to develop our..."
Niul Bird
Director of eCommerce Applications
"Implementing the Kount fraud solution was very simple. And achieving these great results in such a sh..."
Michael McClane
"Kount is a great value for our business, and we more than recoup our cost of implementing Kount with..."
Adrian Harris
Senior Operations Manager
"Kount reduced the amount of manual reviews by 70 percent while delivering a 75 percent decline in our..."
Leading Global Cosmetics Company
Fraud Prevention Coordinator
"We’ve seen a 50% reduction in fraud. Kount is a great choice if you want to own the data and make dec..."
Niclas Hjelm
Marketplace Safety Manager
"Kount Central is a core part of our business growth strategy. Merchants see that we’ve built a soluti..."
Chase Harmer
"Kount is saving us thousands of dollars. Kount not only helps us identify fraud and friendly fraud, b..."
Back Office Support Solutions
Media Communications
"Our chargeback rate dropped 50% in the very first month of using Kount. Now our chargeback rate avera..."
Jeff Evans
eCommerce Operations Manager
"Our business has doubled while the chargeback rate for our merchants has declined 500%...."
John Johansen
Fraud Manager
"If I were talking to someone who was considering Kount, if you want something that is specific to you..."
Morgann Wanha
Senior Manager of Fraud and Risk
"Our chargeback rate has dropped about 30% specifically related to fraud. We're not reviewing nearly a..."
Amanda Baity
Business Analyst

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