"Kapost is in our blood now...."
Debbie Pelzmann
Experienced Content Strategist Leading Content Operations
"Kapost knows how to set their customers up for success and the implementation is the key to it all… W..."
Skyler Moss
Senior Director of Content Marketing
"The Kapost workshop discussion provided the most in-depth, richly productive, and thought-provoking c..."
Jessica Vose
Director of Content
"Kapost was a lifesaver for our rebrand. [The] content audit was a few clicks of the button, which all..."
Catherine Geeslin
Content Coordinator
"Kapost’s analytics were one of “the key factors to buying Kapost. It took a lot of time for somebody..."
Adelyn Zamora
Global Marketing Manager
"The metrics in Kapost cut our content analysis time in half...."
Jason Miller
Leading Global Content Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing solutions
"After the first pillar effort, everyone got in-line with this integrated approach...."
Pat Oldenburg
Senior Content Manager, Five9
"Kapost got us out of email hell...."
Robin Caputo
Chief Marketing Officer
"My goals were to organize and streamline our content operation, along with making the right content m..."
Emily Reynolds
Senior Director of Marketing
"Kapost helps us map to these very easily and stick to the lanes—the persona-based topic areas where w..."
Brad Young
Global Content Marketing Strategy Leader
"Prior to Kapost, our content was held in various repositories without a simple way to filter and find..."
Tom Levey
Senior Director of Sales Enablement
"Kapost is where we do all our work. It is a part of our marketing communications budget, and we are c..."
Astrid Sandell
Communications Manager
"We use Kapost to pull content from disparate platforms, marketing automation, DAM, Social Sites, etc...."
Patrick Haywood
Senior Manager, Marketing Operations
"Prior to Kapost, the sales team would come to me before a call asking what content we had a for mid-m..."
Katie Duval
Product Marketing Specialist
"I knew when I came to Datawatch, I had to get Kapost. At my previous company, it helped with a heavy..."
Frank Moreno
Vice President of Worldwide Marketing
"For more mature B2B marketers who want to orchestrate content across their online and offline endpoin..."

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