"For Just Media, client objectives dictate the media channels used, so maintaining an infrastructure o..."
Dick Reed
"Our primary emphasis is on providing a great customer experience, and in the demand marketing machine..."
Doug Sechrist
Vice President, Demand Marketing
"Whether it’s tracking lead types, filters, guarantees, assets, or custom questions, each vendor both..."
Sarah Rolfing
Demand Marketing Specialist
"Integrate specifically addresses the very same issues that we have struggled with for more than a dec..."
Ken Azzeh
Chief Executive Officer
"We use Integrate’s software to help us make intelligent optimization decisions. It makes us smarter,..."
Brandon Friesen
"Just Media and many of our clients, view Integrate as a vital extension of any marketing automation s..."
Nyla Murphy
Media Account Supervisor
"The first person that strikes up meaningful conversation with a prospective customer could well be th..."
AJ Resnick
Head Customer Experience & Technology
"Integrate is an intelligent way to manage all our digital channels and measure all the performance da..."
Dawn Colossi
Senior Director of WW Digital Marketing
"Integrate is a solution to very real problems we were having. We've seen results immediately...."
Leslie Cocco Alore
Head of Global Marketing Operations & Automation
"Regardless of the media vendor, I go through the same process to test leads and use the same form. I..."
Anne-Marie Ledoux
Marketing Automation Specialist
"Finding the right audience and the right vendors to work with so they could deliver quality leads was..."
Rebecca Sandrue
Global Demand Manager
"In order to lead the curve, Penton had to transform to a data-driven media company. This meant automa..."
Kate Spellman
Chief Marketing Officer
"Everyone said that content syndication doesn’t work at Box. Our reps didn’t want to call a syndicatio..."
Heather Berggren
Sr. Director, Campaigns and Demand Generation
"Adopting Integrate’s platform allowed us to free up resources to focus on advancing our overall media..."
Loralie Cranfill
Sr. Manager, Media Planning & Activation
"Integrate has reduced time necessary to perform marketing ops duties by more than eight hours per wee..."
Letitia Rodley
Senior Director, Demand Marketing
"Integrate has really transformed the way we think about and execute our strategy. Integrate has becom..."
Kenan Frager
Head of Advertising for Worldwide Demand Generation

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