"InsightSquared provides very granular and actionable insight into what we’ve done and what we will be..."
Nick Edwards
"If we are hiring more employees because of a new wave of growth, we’d better know how long our sales..."
Thorben Grosser
Manager of Business Development, EventMobi
"Are you a magician? I really appreciate your work and I am super impressed with how thoroughly and qu..."
Sarah Kaiser
Technical Sourcer, Rylem
"InsightSquared unlocks all of the information in Salesforce and makes it visual and actionable for my..."
Andrew Angus
Co-Founder & CEO
"Our CEO didn’t even use it because it still wasn’t exactly what he wanted. With InsightSquared’s rep..."
Tom Lee
Director of Product, Fliptop
"InsightSquared takes care of the weekly reporting that a full-time employee would otherwise need to d..."
Jessica Falarski Cross
Director of Marketing
"InsightSquared is valuable to a one-person office, to a forty-person office...."
Alan Bauer
President, Bauer Consulting Group
"Well, we haven’t made a placement in 3 months in that area. The last time we worked on a role for thi..."
Brian Cunningham
"We were flying blind. It was like trying to fly a jumbo jet through the night with no instrument pane..."
John Bethell
Co-founder and Director
"InsightSquared minimized board reporting time, cutting an entire day from the process...."
John Eyres
Managing Director
"This was one of the fastest trials and successful implementations I have ever been a part of...."
Richard Salerno
"InsightSquared is the only reporting tool we've found with out-of-the-box early funnel reporting. The..."
Katie B
Marketing Automation and Database Specialist, MarketStar
"We are a values driven company and it’s important to both myself and the company that the individuals..."
Adam Price
Director of Sales & Marketing Operations
"InsightSquared makes elaborate data easy to understand, so as not to overwhelm a peer when trying to..."
Ryan Coe
Marketing Manager, ShopperTrak
"I love you guys. We get marketing data that matters. We use campaign reports, marketing pipeline cont..."
Allie Kelly
Head of Marketing, SnapApp
"Before, half the staff were using (our ATS) and others were just not there. Now, the other half is ou..."
Ed Williams

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