"I tested out your new Send Report function, and it’s awesome! I check it every morning, and it shows..."
Nick Nordin
Tech Recruiting Manager, Bridgeview IT
"In the past, the sales team has focused largely on results and activities, while marketing focused mo..."
Rick Palmer
Sales Operations Manager, Kareo
"I don't want an IT department. We're not a SaaS. We're a staffing company...."
Mark Morton
President & Owner
"InsightSquared is a fantastic sales management tool. We now have the visual reports of our sales and..."
Steven Carter
SVP of Operations
"When we were on the demo with your team. I said to myself 'I will get this done...."
Lisa Iannone
Vice President and Senior Partner
"Once we started using InsightSquared, we got better at our own processes. By using their best practic..."
Ben Solomon
Director of Research
"InsightSquared minimized board reporting time, cutting an entire day from the process...."
John Eyres
Managing Director
"I use a product called 'Inside Sales' and I accidentally typed in 'Insight Sales' and your name poppe..."
Mike Hummel
Sales Strategist, Pop-Market
"InsightSquared is easy to use and provides great reporting and analytics. The visual look and feel le..."
Pamela Habing
Talent Sourcer, People First HR Services
"Sales and marketing cannot speak a common language unless they are viewing and acting on common data...."
Guido Bartolacci
Manager of Acquisition and Strategy
"The sales rep is the most expensive resource in our company. What InsightSquared allows us to do is t..."
Todd Abbott
Executive Vice President of Global Sales & Services
"Having spent 10 plus years at Google where I built a lot of reporting on proprietary platforms, Insig..."
Linda Fitzek
Director of Business Operations
"Now I feel like I have the insight I need to get my sales team to kick some ass...."
Logan Soya
"InsightSquared helps us get the rich data out of Salesforce and the real time insights allows us to c..."
Emmanuelle Skala
VP of Sales
"InsightSquared was the simplest application that we have plugged into Salesforce in 5 years. The impl..."
Mandy Febus
Marketing and Advertising
"I love you guys. We get marketing data that matters. We use campaign reports, marketing pipeline cont..."
Allie Kelly
Head of Marketing, SnapApp

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