"There are a ton of opportunities for ways we can use the Halogen system. It is really very flexible...."
Heidi Elsbree
Director of Human Resources and Benefits
"Managers really enjoy doing the reviews online. The new system enables them to check the status of re..."
Kathleen Bocek
Vice President of Human Resources
"For anyone looking to bring their people management processes online, Halogen eAppraisal is a great w..."
Marco Sicurella
Senior Manager, HR
"While EGPAF’s mission is the elimination of pediatric HIV/AIDS, we strongly believe in building a sus..."
Megan Mahoney
Human Resources Associate Office
"Halogen automated our process so well, saving managers time and making it easier to write appraisals,..."
Kate Adametz Jenkins
Compensation Analyst
"Training used to be seen as a necessary evil, and now it is seen as a valuable asset in achieving the..."
Sheryl Dagang
Manager, Learning & Development
"After any review process, management meets to review performance reports, and this information helps..."
Mahmoud Abouzaid
HR Coordinator
"Our implementation specialist at Halogen was very helpful and the service and support Halogen has pro..."
Timothy Haines
Director of HR, Quakers
"In terms of making a great strategic contribution,the technology was really something that was a cata..."
Paul Holstead
HR Regional Manager
"There's less paper to review... and it's a lot less daunting a task when it's available online...."
Debbie Clark
HR Manager
"The managers really like the fact that they can drill down to see everything they need. I would absol..."
Gina Maddalena
Human Resources Specialist
"Our staff now understands how what they do contributes to the organizational goal. We no longer hear..."
Holly Winn
Chief Operating Officer
"With Halogen in place we've been able to figure out what motivates people, and how we can keep them a..."
Lisa Cormier-Smith
Vice President and Director of Human Resources
"The data we’ve been able to collect from Halogen has been incredibly valuable. We have information at..."
Lori Mischan
Performance Management Administrator
"From start to finish, our experience working with Halogen and our new system has been a smooth proces..."
Annemarie Ramirez
The Vice President of Human Resources
"One of the benefits I'm finding very valuable with eAppraisal is the ability to gauge organizational..."
Toni Brown
HR Business Analyst and Reporting Team Leader

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