"With Glint, we have more frequent longitudinal data and an environment where managers can analyze it..."
Richard Deal
SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, FICO
"Glint is an integral part of keeping what’s great about us great. The platform helps us understand ho..."
Danny Shader
"I love the granularity – the ability to drill down and identify where we need to take immediate actio..."
Joan Burke
SVP, Human Resources, Marketo
"I filled out the Glint pulse on my phone. The responsive interface was formatted perfectly with nice..."
Glen Lipka
VP of User Experience
"Measuring employee engagement is very important to us, so the fact that our employees have been overw..."
Tiffani Ingham
Senior Director, People Operations, Sojern
"At Sojern, people are our most valuable asset so I’m laser-focused on employee engagement. With Glint..."
Mark Rabe
"We’re really empowering our leaders to deeply examine the engagement on their team and more swiftly p..."
Jen Fong
Senior Manager HRBP
"The data that’s provided from Glint and our people survey is absolutely invaluable. It’s the only emp..."
Sonia Stocker
Head of Planning & Insight for the Property Team
"With Glint, we can see not just what our low scores are, but what actually matters to our employees...."
Marca Clark
Director of Learning and Organizational Development
"We've reduced our regrettable turnover by 26% since we started using Glint. A big part of this improv..."
Scott Walker
"Managers are on the front lines, and we need to understand and give them feedback on how they are man..."
John Robertson
Senior Director of Corporate Communications
"Glint illuminates a wealth of knowledge around the impact of our onboarding efforts on the long-term..."
Kate Sheridan
Director of Employee Engagement
"Glint really helps us to make sure this is the best possible environment for people’s best work, for..."
Evan Wittenberg
EVP and Chief People Officer
"We also see how new processes or initiatives in our business can cause stress (through lower scores),..."
Eric Hutchinson
"As one of the world’s largest airlines with approximately 85,000 aviation professionals across five c..."
Mike Ellis
Senior Vice President Human Resources
"DISH has a long history of being an industry disruptor, so we are not afraid to make massive changes..."
DISH Network
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

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