"A perfect way to showcase my products...."
Katherine Kuo
CEO and Founder
"The big success for us was that we were able to get nearly 100% survey engagement with volunteers by..."
Tricia Nolan
Super Salesforce Administrator and Manager
"Every interaction is an opportunity to win or lose a customer relationship. We want our customers to..."
Karen Wlasichuk
Global Process Improvement Leader, Operational Excellence
"The way you followed up to my survey, and how other people on the staff have helped us in the past, m..."
Ros Hodgekiss
Customer Success Programs Manager
"GetFeedback has created a whole new way for us to listen to our customers, and the insights are chang..."
Dan Darcy
SVP, Global Enablement
"It’s all about being where your customers are and being able to interact with them at the pace and th..."
Christopher Hogan
Business Analytics & Modeling
"Now that we have our client feedback in Salesforce, we can sort it by department, by branch, or by bu..."
Scott Searle
Salesforce Administrator
"Every banker has access to their scores. In our retail branches as an example, not only do they call..."
Larry Levine
Director of Client Experience
"GetFeedback is highly innovative. We now can spot trends among our customer’s feedback and take immed..."
Ardalan Zandian
Sr. Online Marketing Manager
"We want our customers’ voice to be an informative part of our decision making process. Since rolling..."
Macy Howarth
Director, Customer Success
"GetFeedback is shaping how we operate as a business and helping us deliver a seamless client and cust..."
Caroline Jack
Director of Product Training and Support
"GetFeedback is helping us have more conversations with our users and grow their enthusiasm about our..."

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