"All kinds of routing scenarios are possible. We can create new scenarios in line with our actual need..."
Dr. Frédéric Berthier
Operational Director of Medical Process, SAMU 44
"In Norway, people like to pick up the phone and talk to an agent or chat online. Our customers' use o..."
Grethe Smith-Meyer
"Genesys gives us full control over all channels and tasks from one location. The system — together wi..."
Lars Eriksson
Head, Demand Team, VCSN
"Genesys is usually the first to integrate a new channel into its software suite, and it’s always usab..."
Francesco Rosato
Head of Contact Centre Strategy
"Genesys has given us a toolbox that allows us to react to changing market conditions and be proactive..."
Wim De Groeve
Operations and Organization Manager
"Bpost needed the deployment of a flexible IVR solution to enable our businesses to respond quickly to..."
Jan Smets
Director of Customer Care
"Genesys was a natural choice. Not only was their reputation impeccable, but they also met all our tec..."
Marc Breiner
Director of Operations
"We regard this new platform as a key component of our strategy to become a powerful, cutting edge, an..."
Winfried Roithmeier
Head, Central Function
"Thankfully for 29 years our company and its products have gained the trust of our valued clients. Tho..."
Yousef Almajdouie
"Now we can focus the training of agents so they can solve problems more efficiently, and establish im..."
Carlos Espinosa
Business Partner, Customer Service Channels, Endesa
"Genesys was chosen because of its modular, open platform, that allows high level management...."
Francisco O'Ryan
General Manager
"We're very happy with the Genesys Survey Solution — it’s great to have the flexibility to make change..."
Denise Ambrosio
Director, Voice Of The Customer, First Data
"We always had a satisfactory experience with Genesys and when we needed a CTI solution we did not hes..."
Ricardo Ramirez
Contact Center Executive Director
"With today’s market dynamics, society is at an age of transformation. All of these developments impac..."
Jose Carlos Rocha
Projects and Business Support Director
"The Genesys platform makes a great contribution to improving customer satisfaction while our efficien..."
Özge M. Tekalp
Head of Contact Centers
"About 95% of agents are pleased with the Genesys application. Overall agent satisfaction is riding hi..."
Jan Masek
Senior Customer Service Operations Manager

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