"The virtual customer experience has to equal the one they get at the branch. That means providing fas..."
Enrico Ugoletti
Head of Direct Channels Business Services
"Together with NextiraOne, Genesys and Alcatel-Lucent provided a fully integrated solution with a sing..."
Tim Hughes
Head of Performance and Customer Service, Welsh Water
"We will realize the idea to ‘amaze’ customers. We like to satisfy customers, but it’s not enough. Gen..."
Michele Abbate
Vice President, Customer Service, Phone & Web Channel
"The biggest benefit of the Genesys solution is the benefit of real-time information...."
Shawn Beighle
Information and Technology Director, International Republican Institute
"With Genesys we now have remote agents logging in virtually as if they were in the call center. Walki..."
Michael Shaw
Senior Vice President, Operations, Zoomsystems
"Our customers are shifting from voice to digital interactions. Omnichannel innovation gives customers..."
Ender Durukan
Senior VP Contact Centers
"After one week, Genesys Enterprise Workload Management already had people thinking about what they co..."
Keven Allan
General Manager, Customer Connect
"We decided on Genesys because they have a superior product and a local connection. It was the natural..."
Mike Gabbei
Chief Information Officer
"We introduced Genesys True Omnichannel Routing so that customers always get fast access to the right..."
Maurizio Morrica
Contact Center Manager
"By closely observing and anticipating customer behaviors, we can intercept potential problems before..."
Shane Kinahan
Head of Contact Centre
"Before we had Genesys Speech Analytics, misclassification of calls was causing us to mistakenly disc..."
Lori Bauer
Director of Sales Support
"Our call handling efficiency skyrocketed by 900%. We’re now processing more than 180,000 incoming int..."
Natalya Denisova
Contact Center Director
"We wanted to invest in our people, to help them continuously improve their performance, upsell and cr..."
Torhild-Torgersen Hage
Senior Project Manager
"The Genesys solutions give us a great opportunity to take the business forward and to offer new route..."
Chris Jones
Finance Director, Welsh Water
"After adopting the Genesys solution, there were big improvements to our service. Our customer satisfa..."
Liu Tao
Director, Customer Service Department
"Now, when a customer calls, our agents greet them in person because they can see their name, address..."
Abduljalil Dabwan
Head of IT

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