"We have to work together to understand each other’s world from the customer’s perspective...."
Sarah Connor
Head of Customer Experience
"The important thing about measuring satisfaction with ForeSee is the future behaviors. We’re able to..."
Amy Sample
Senior Director
"In terms of the information we received and the level of support they gave us, I would give ForeSee..."
Mary Jensen
Vice President of Human Resources, Sur La Table
"Some surveys give you data that is very vague or very broad …. But the information our ForeSee Analys..."
Todd Bralczyk
Director of Talent Management, Sur La Table
"ForeSee is helping us deliver on this customer service competency, and they’re helping us to do it q..."
Jody Bhagat
Senior Vice President of Internet and Mobile Channel Group, U.S. Bank
"If we just ran typical surveys, we’d likely discover what our visitors liked yesterday. We use ForeSe..."
Esmee Williams
Vice President, Brand Strategy
"Through this experience we have found that our customers have a better and more satisfying experienc..."
Paulette Marino
Manager of Corporate Research
"All executives, regardless of which businesses they run or which part of the world they focus on, ag..."
Raj Rao
VP, E-Transformation Initiative
"In the year since we’ve been using ForeSee Ratings & Reviews, we’ve seen the volume of our reviews in..."
Joanne Morley
Head of Marketing
"We chose to work with ForeSee because they could give us one customer satisfaction figure to tell us..."
Abigail Austin
Senior Customer Research Manager
"ForeSee helps us focus our energy on key drivers of the customer experience and make decisions based..."
Vince Quarizzo
Customer Service Manager
"Being able to hear the unadulterated voice of the customer and getting context for it through great t..."
Vijay Murali
VP of Ecommerce Operations
"Being able to measure how satisfied consumers were with the old site and seeing the progression and l..."
Annamarie Bermundo
Assistant VP of Digital and CRM Platforms
"Collecting satisfaction results at the transactional level is critical to improving the customer expe..."
Christopher Daniels
Customer Insights Senior Manager
"Through this experience, we found that our customers have a better and more satisfying experience whe..."
Largest US Utility Company
"With ForeSee, we have a scientific means to identify areas of opportunity that enhance our site to be..."
Barbara Pearson

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