"Core encompasses all the best Entrata software under one platform with one login on any browser of yo..."
Mary Rose Pukas
"We partnered with Entrata early on because we knew we wanted to stack the cards in our favor...."
Virginia Love
Vice President
"Our property websites are consistently the highest source of leasing traffic for our properties. We’r..."
Doug Hastings
"Entrata seems to be the only software company that is actively creating and testing new products usin..."
Grant Collard
Chief Executive Officer
"We're more successful at getting all of our posts on Craigslist and staying on top of the search resu..."
Amber Ammons
Marketing & Training Director
"ProspectPortal is so easy to use. I can set up a property in 10 minutes. Entrata utilizes MS Word mer..."
Nicole McLemore
"Leasing Center gives our onsite teams the ability to truly assist the resident or prospect that is in..."
Brittany Wagner
Support Manager
"We are very happy We get a professional, consistent, full-featured website and web presence for each..."
Leonard Frenkil, Jr.
WPM Real Estate Management
"The majority of our employees are young students or millennials in their twenties. They are the true..."
Barrie Nichols
VP of Leasing and Marketing
"Our sites are performing better in search and we are doing a better job of engaging users once they a..."
Rachel Greene
"We believe that products work best with each other if you take advantage of all of the features a pro..."
Erin Piper
VP of Operations
"It's the only product on the market that allows you to have to complete control with one click, one p..."
Robin Flager
"The more efficient we can be in converting our leads to leases, the less we have to spend on advertis..."
Lauren Curley
Chief Operating Officer
"We’re able to show that we’re getting renewals signed much quicker than in the past. When you talk ab..."
Jennifer Staciokas
Lincoln Property Company
"While our leasing agents are sleeping, the Leasing Center is booking appointments for when they show..."
Jason Larson
Chief Strategy Officer
"Previous software seemed to be many disjointed products; with Entrata you can tell that it’s a single..."
Gunti Weissenberger

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