"Adding Leasing Center to our sites has stopped the cycle of missed calls and missed opportunities...."
Tracy Bolton
"Entrata just made sense when I was looking for a one-stop holistic approach. Our processes are much m..."
Sarah Greenough
Princeton Properties
"We simplified our accounts receivable process and enhanced the composition of the leasing office...."
Jamin Harkness
Euramex Management Group
"We partnered with Entrata early on because we knew we wanted to stack the cards in our favor...."
Virginia Love
Waterton Residential
"Core encompasses all the best Entrata software under one platform with one login on any browser of yo..."
Mary Rose Pukas
Westover Companies
"Entrata makes everything on the accounting side faster. It's a lot of little things that add up to la..."
Dan Harvey
Director of Leasing Development
"When we ask [Entrata] a question, the response is always ‘let’s see what we can do’ rather than ‘no w..."
Greg Lozinak
Chief Executive Office
"Now our employees only have to go to one place to do their job and our resident experience is exponen..."
Megan Tackett
Director of Asset Management
"We believe that products work best with each other if you take advantage of all of the features a pro..."
Erin Piper
VP of Operations
"While our leasing agents are sleeping, the Leasing Center is booking appointments for when they show..."
Jason Larson
Chief Strategy Officer
"With Entrata Core as our property management software, we feel like we are able to provide our staff..."
K.O. Orsak
Operations Learning and Development Manager
"Entrata has made the leasing and rents process much more efficient in the office and to respond more..."
Terry Flahive

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