"The automated loan approval process has made a significant improvement in our lending department’s ef..."
Erica Krom
VP of Lending
"For the last 4 years we’ve been battling with compliance to get rid of the boxes. To me, it’s safer t..."
Andrew D. Rubin
Business Owner
"DocStar is excellent in a school situation because there’s so much data to retrieve. When you need to..."
Amanda Christ
Management Information Systems
"I think it’s definitely the way to go. I can’t even tell you how nice it has been to have this level..."
Elaine Windingland
Data Processing Supervisor
"We really felt that DocStar was here to help us out and that they understood what we needed they del..."
Denise Johnson
Accounting Controller
"DocStar ECM has done exactly what I wanted it to do, and I love that we’re just able to easily expand..."
Kim Cooper
Accreditation Coordinator
"They’ve been very helpful as we’ve been looking at other software and what it will take to integrate..."
Michael Erway
IT director
"If someone calls to check an application status, we electronically search for the information and giv..."
Michael N. Chambers
"As a representative of Lloyds, much is expected. We have authority to accept applications, render a q..."
Guy Waters
Senior Vice President
"It brought the microscope out, he adds, and they ended up seeing business practices in a different li..."
Wade Neller
Vice President of Information Technologies
"We purchased the product in 2006 and our satisfaction continues to be high. Its ease of installation..."
Stephen Giangiordano
Supervisor of Accounting Service
"It took some campaigning to get the system in here several years ago but now that it’s here, if we tr..."
Mike Ruhm
Manager of Treasury Compliance
"We are looking forward to adding additional workflow options to take us to the next level. The DocSta..."
Cindy Upshaw
HR Manager
"The DocStar document management system is now part of our value proposition to recruit and retain age..."
Chris Ferguson
Operating Partner
"We have over 100 employees in 10 different locations, and DocStar gives us the ability to administer..."
Dawn Strine
"We are in a price-driven market, and having all of our costing information available to view in a com..."
Mark Damen
ERP Systems Manager

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