"We are pleased to incorporate the Dialogic solution to support the transformation of our hosted voice..."
"Dialogic’s DSI signaling products have always been key to providing robust and scalable services to o..."
"Where I think the IMG excels,” says Slattery, “is in its media capabilities and the choice it allows..."
"The high degree of integration of this solution into our working environment results in significant e..."
"It not only helps them to reach many more attendees but also to demonstrate in a very realistic way h..."
"We feel that the future is in customization and convenience, so we are very enthusiastic about video..."
"The Dialogic technology offers high quality, platform-independent and flexible integration and due to..."
"We chose Dialogic because it offered us an end-to-end solution with true redundancy and scalability t..."
"Dialogic’s fast action supporting our mobile core and IP switching and session control needs not only..."
"This system gives us the opportunity to really be flexible in the recovery environment. When I saw th..."
"We’re seeing greater proficiency in our sales team to get orders processed quickly...."
"Our WebRTC-based collaboration suite contains customized data and workflow support as well as strong..."
"With more than 1,000 calling card products and 200 wholesale carrier relationships, the ControlSwitch..."
"Our top-tier carrier and banking industry clients have to constantly stay ahead of their competition..."
"The Dialogic solutions fit right into our current infrastructure and add tremendous flexibility for u..."
"The BorderNet 4000 SBC gave us the session performance we needed to effectively peer with our interco..."

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