"We’re a customer-service driven brand, so we steer away from marketing approaches that are disruptive..."
Adam Jacobs
Co-Founder and Managing Director
"Thanks to Criteo’s technology, we are able to provide smart and efficient coverage for our Performanc..."
Maxime GIARD
Responsable Acquisition Online
"The next generation of the Criteo engine is extremely powerful. We are impressed by the new enhanceme..."
Elliott Pritchard
Chief Marketing Officer
"Sand & Sand Sport (SSS) launched its ecommerce online store in 2016. Criteo has been a key partner in..."
Harry Lonergan
Digital Marketing Manager
"Thanks to Criteo’s In-App targeting technology, we are able to retain new app users and encourage exi..."
Emre Fitoloğlu
Marketing Director
"We know that we have a superior, high quality product, but in the online world it can be hard to demo..."
David Light
"With the incredible results we got with the 300X250 unit, we immediately expanded our buy to more URL..."
Erik Requidan
Director of Sales at Intermarkets
"Xbox was looking for a way to really move the needle before the 2016 festive season. We had the promo..."
Aina Bolstad
Sr. Marketing Communications Manager
"We began collaborating with Criteo in September 2013. Just 2 weeks after our campaign launched, we re..."
Marlena Gref-Stefańska
Country Marketing Manager
"Consolidating all our campaigns for a day into a “Webcover” campaign has allowed 3Suisses to rapidly..."
Amine Chraibi
Media Buying Manager
"With Criteo work from September 2013. This is a good, trusted partner. Led by Criteo remarketing camp..."
Marcin Dyczak
Marketing Director Marketplaces w Grupie Allegro
"In total, we sold more units of the 30-day kits during the month of June than all 5 months preceding..."
Nga Ho
Marketing Analyst
"For 6 years Criteo and Nature & Découvertes have teamed up in multiple growth projects. Criteo’s tec..."
Benjamin Boulic
Head of E-commerce
"Criteo’s different campaign models delivered highly effective, broad access to our users. Our rapid i..."
Özge Gören
Deputy Director-General
"Continuing to drive new traffic to a website is the name of the game in the world of e-commerce. Crit..."
Steve Basch
E-commerce Manager
"Criteo made DPA (Dynamic Product Ads) remarkably easy for us, handling everything from setting up aud..."
Michael Nadboy
VP of Online Marketing

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