"We trust Cova as our POS partner to power all our store operations. Having been in retail for 20 year..."
Darren Bondar
President & Chief Executive Officer
"User-friendly, efficient, and stable are the words I like to use to describe Cova’s software platform..."
Paul Cotterell
General Manager
"Cova was instrumental in helping us modernize the cannabis retail shopping experience at Eco Cannabis..."
Kevin Ahaesy
Chief Executive Officer
"We chose Cova because we want a long-term, strategic partner that can grow with us. With Cova, I have..."
Mike Redman
"As the first legal retailer to open its doors in the city of Toronto, we have a duty to set an exampl..."
Hunny Gawri
Owner and Operator
"Launching Cova Software is smooth and effortless! We are now on our third location and the implementa..."
Maurits Vos
Operations Manager
"I want to tell you how amazing Cova is and how happy our front line staff is with the product...."
Chance Harrison
Business Intelligence Manager
"We’re new to retail in the modern age, especially the technological side. So when we launched with Co..."
Celeste Gerber
"The customer service at Cova is far superior to our previous POS provider. Now instead of waiting for..."
Shilo and David Morgan
"I used Cova for my Retail Cannabis store and am very happy with the product and service. Having a bac..."
Karl Karanjia
"To have found Cova is a huge help, because we're new to this industry here in Oklahoma. Having the po..."
Justin Lund
Vice President of Operations
"Cova’s support team is all-time. No one has a perfect system, and that’s just the way it is at the mo..."
Nate Boucher
Co-Founder and Manager
"One of the big things that sets Cova apart is the people there. We’re very demanding, but whenever I..."
Alex Bitz
Director of IT and Business Intelligence Manager
"It doesn’t feel like you’re talking to a wall. With Cova, it feels like you’re being heard...."
Justin Woo
"I find that Cova is already implementing changes in their compliance reporting before we even know th..."
Cameron Brown
"When front-of-house staff enters an order into the Cova POS, it pops up in the backroom for fulfillme..."
Jex Woods
Operations Director

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