"The Christmas page recommendations solidified Walmart’s use of the finder tools and helped fix all is..."
Dinesh Maniks
Web Analyst
"ClickTale gives us a great way to visualize what we should be testing and then analyze the results of..."
Elliot Kharkats
Web Analytics & Testing Manager
"We are an Experience Business within the Financial Services Sector...."
Thomas Barker
Head of Digital Solutions & Analytics
"We use Clicktale to define and prioritize areas of customer experience improvements as well as opport..."
Stuart Irvine
Digital Manager
"We had some tools in place, prior to bringing in Clicktale. But to a large degree we were driving bli..."
Greg DiPaolo
Director of Web Marketing
"Results for us were amazing. We increased page conversion by 4% and with our volume that was a huge,..."
Ana Grace
Director of Ecommerce, Global Product Management
"The insights from Clicktale are extremely beneficial to us. They enable us to identify and remedy iss..."
Jeffrey Franzetti
Sr. Principal, Marketing
"As an analyst, when I give my opinion based on web analytics metrics, that is just my opinion. But if..."
Duc Nguyen
Sr. Digital Analytics Consultant
"Bringing it all together is really where a product like Clicktale becomes so valuable...."
Jim Sterne
Founder, Digital Analytics Association
"We immediately got an understanding of customer behavior that simply would not have been possible bef..."
Joseph Weller
Marketing Director
"We looked at several solutions to help us with this problem, and eventually turned to ClickTale’s In-..."
Theresa Paul
UX Researcher and Designer
"It’s quite easy nowadays to collect a lot of data – it’s very hard to make it meaningful...."
Emilija Frew
Head of Online
"Clicktale helped us better engage our clients via the digital channel by enabling us to create a smoo..."
JR Howden
Head of Analytics
"The customer behavior revealed with Clicktale...results in a more effective self-service experience t..."
Claire Sandham
UX/UI Designer
"Clicktale helped us provide a better experience on mobile devices by substantially reducing frustrati..."
Leading Financial Services Retailing Company
Web Manager
"Clicktale helps us validate test results, build trust in the numbers, and improve our digital service..."
Steve Evans
Digital Analyst

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