"In terms of the revenue cycle, it does help with cost. We don’t have to print reams of paper that we..."
Elizabeth Garcia
Senior Clinical Applications Analyst
"eSignature gives our patients the ability to sign their forms in an electronic format on an iPad. It..."
Maxine Doolittle
Director of Information Systems Program Management
"We conducted daily ‘safety stand-up rounds. We had a team, five days per week, that went out and look..."
Diane Ray
Senior Vice President, Network Chief Nursing Officer, and Chief Operating Officer
"One of the biggest goals was getting all of our nurses to go to the same place, using a consistent wo..."
Kristin Garrett
Director of Nursing
"When taking into consideration the average cost per day of an ICU stay, which are estimated to range..."
Cheryl Gagne
Associate vice president, Clinical informatics
"We get referrals from other Baptist Health sites where most of our patients come from with the electr..."
Laura Strother
Treatment Manager
"Having this new and improved way of documenting, this new EHR, we are able to provide our patients co..."
Sandy Zapata
Nurse Manager
"Having information readily available about a patient, regardless of where care occurs, expedites care..."
Deana Simpson
Vice President of Transformation
"Without the computer-fed history, the physicians would not have thought to take the action they did t..."
Kevin Morton
Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine
"They are more receptive in a familiar setting, even if you’re educating them over the phone...."
Peggy Pace
Shawnee Mission Medical Center
"But when you think about frequent unnecessary ED visits, it’s about patients who don’t need those ser..."
Kim King
Administrative Director of Care Coordination
"Breastfeeding has lots of benefits both for the mother and the baby. Among those are emotional brain..."
Gracamma Joppachen
Head Nurse on the Women’s Hospital Obstetric Unit
"Initially we had a hard time encouraging them. You can easily grab formula at the store. Mothers thin..."
Jeanne Grande
Charge Nurse
"We can chart the mother’s experience of breastfeeding and assess them. Nurses can look back in the ch..."
Rachel Barilla
Staff Nurse
"We looked at about 15 EHR vendors. We wanted to build a record that met our needs, not one built by s..."
Terri Schultz
CNO and Vice President of Patient Care
"The engagement [nurses] received was invaluable and a big part of helping educate in the moment. Nurs..."
Michelle Jackson
Manager, Nursing Informatics

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