"CB Insights data has become an invaluable resource for us, providing additional visibility into the a..."
Ian Sigalow
Partner, Co-founder
"CB Insights provides our team with a holistic and thematic approach that really captures market activ..."
Jack Leeney
Portfolio Manager
"CB Insights is an important part of our process It advances our ability to evaluate opportunities and..."
Amish Jani
Managing Director
"We were looking for comprehensive data to ensure we could break down and analyze the segments that ma..."
Dan Kozikowski
Vice President of Platform
"The timing of the Innovation Summit was perfect - it covered many topics we were looking to better un..."
Tyler Godoff
Innovation Partnerships
"CB Insights has facilitated our discovery of disruptive technologies...."
Michelle Ash
Chief Innovation Officer
"It allows us to easily identify comparables, track portfolio competitors and analyze financing and ex..."
John DeLoche
Co-founder & Managing Director
"CB Insights allowed us to build a clear view of the comprehensive AI landscape and draw out trends th..."
David Titus
Principal Consultant & Team Lead
"CB Insights allowed us to break down the AI market into meaningful, informative segments...."
Emma Powers
Watson Market Development & Insights
"CB Insights helps us in two of our most critical activities—finding the best talent for our clients a..."
Tammy Wang
Vice President of Data Science and Analytics
"BlueTree Allied Angels greatly values the daily knowledge of the deals closed in all parts of the U.S..."
Catherine Mott
Chairman, Angel Capital Association & Owner
"CB Insights perfectly illustrates what I expect today from such online services to stay tuned to our..."
Simon Mencarelli
Senior Manager Strategic Planning
"CB Insights is a product designed by a VC insider who truly knows the space and understands the end-u..."
Comcast Ventures
"I wanted to take a moment to let you know what an asset your daily newsletter has been to me. I utili..."
Keith Whitaker
Area Manager
"CB Insights analytics platform and interactive UI have been great tools for us when exploring nascent..."
Jesse Wu
CTO Office, Red Hat
"CB Insights' intuitive user interface, analytical capabilities, and detailed investment information c..."
Nate D’Anna
Corporate Development

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