"We have seen open rates on emails well over the 70% range. Anyone would kill for that sort of open ra..."
Alison Groves
"When people register I’ve hooked it into Mailchimp. It is a billion times better than sending an emai..."
Marshall Hughes
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
"It’s a fantastic resource for making a solid first impression, and I highly recommend it, whether you..."
Pat Flynn
Smart Passive Income
"The cost for a 12 month license was just over $5k, however the 288 undergraduate offers that we accep..."
Peter Simpson
University of Bedfordshire
"Before I used to send out review requests automatically about a week or so after orders were delivere..."
Ria Rees
Elfenn Hard
"From a statistics point of view Bonjoro has been absolutely incredible for our business. We actually..."
Jessica Ruhfus
"Building a relationship is nothing less than a prerequisite to growth...."
Dave Bayless
Human Scale Business
"I love Bonjoro - this has been such a huge change to my business. I have been able to get immediate r..."
Cristina Barragan
Founder & Chief Creative Officer
"For our camp clients that are using it, they will pay for a year of Bonjoro in just ten minutes work..."
Travis Allison
Go Camp Pro
"I’m absolutely blown away by how great Bonjoro is. For me, it fills a gap in the market. We sell a lo..."
BBQ Spit Rotisseries
"People just go crazy. They think it’s amazing that we’re taking the time out of our day to send a vid..."
Stephanie Dustin
"The biggest benefit is not just the cut through, but ultimately it’s giving you a new way to communic..."
Andrew Rocks
"Bonjoro has helped us become number 1 on Trustpilot in of our categories...."
Andreas Lodahl
Munk store
"My members are getting an amazing momentum when they first pop into the program...they're communicati..."
Jenny Waldrop
Fuzzy & Birch
"We are loving it and so do our customers! Thank you for making it so we can build a relationship righ..."
Kelsie Rios
"It is without doubt awesome. To be fair when I initially signed up I was a little bit hesitant, I’m a..."
Creighton Broadhurst

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