"At Eastman,we're deeply committed to the environment, the global community, and the safety and well..."
Mark Costa
"AtHoc demonstrated their receptiveness by turning our input into an improved product to meet our nee..."
Kirk Jones
Security Technologist
"AtHoc worked closely with us throughout Their goals aligned perfectly with Eastman’s...."
Keith Bennett
Area Supervisor, Plant Protection Services
"Triggering an alert is simple.We just add the location of the emergency,fill in the blanks, target th..."
David Burns
Emergency Manager
"Recent hurricanes and other emergencies illustrated the need for a comprehensive alerting system. And..."
Colonel John Hayes
"Dramatically increased our alerting reach and the amount of information we can communicate about a th..."
U.S. Army Ft. Riley
"The command standard for a network alerting system is AtHoc Incorporated...."
U.S. Air Force AETC
"Information from operators was very limited via text message. In addition, calls were being missed wh..."
Christine Robson
I.T. Manager
"AtHoc provides us with cost-effective ways to facilitate and enhance the safety and security of any c..."
Maxim Zakurdaev
Enterprise Architect and Technical Product Management
"With all of the options out there, it was very clear that AtHoc was the solution to communicate with..."
Colin Rizzo
Emergency Manager
"We needed a technology partner to be just as flexible, agile, and innovative as our project was. We w..."
Bob Pessemier
Senior Technology Consultant
"As a world-class institution, we require world-class technology to ensure Macquarie University is ‘cr..."
John Durbridge
Campus Security Manager, Property
"They answered all our questions and helped us see how we could get the most out of AtHoc in our own e..."
Joan Dowdy
Program Manager of Information Services
"We now have full control over how our messages are displayed plus have another redundant mode of comm..."
Duane Legan
VP of Airport Operations
"Though we share similar emergency alerting needs with other Air Force commands, we also have unique r..."
Robert Tharp
Program Management Branch Chief
"It’s a great improvement to our former manual notifications. Prior to AtHoc, it could take us hours o..."
Stephen Hannan

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