"Beckon has made our marketing data more actionable and timely. Live entertainment is a fast-moving en..."
Ray Elias
CMO, StubHub
"The marketing landscape is changing so quickly. We need solutions that make us faster, smarter, more..."
Karen Riley-Grant
Senior Director, Marketing, North American
"As marketers, we invest almost all our time and resources in execution and execution management. Mean..."
Shiv Singh
SVP Global Brand and Marketing Transformation
"The data is in. According to Forrester, Beckon boasts 12.7% higher marketing ROI (12.7% better busine..."
Liz Witherspoon
Principle Consultant
"Sales leaders have a system of record in Salesforce. HR and finance leaders have their systems of rec..."
Jascha Kaykas Wolff
Chief Marketing Officer
"We've made a fundamental shift from our agencies owning our data to Bayer building a powerful data pl..."
Jeff Rasp
Director of Digital
"We had data spread out across the organization, but needed to get teams moving in the same direction...."
Chad Weiner
Senior Director of Marketing and Marketing Operations
"The marketing landscape is changing so quickly. We need solutions that make us faster, smarter, more..."
Karen Riley-Grant
VP Global Marketing, Challenger Brands
"Standardizing the reporting we used to do manually, and having integrated, validated data saves us hu..."
Conrad Bowman
Digital Analytics
"Spending a million dollars on a high-level mix model that just sits on the shelf doesn’t make sense t..."
Consumer Technology Company
"I’ve been thinking a lot about what legacy I want to leave. Do I want to be that guy who outsources t..."
Global Electronics Company
"Having a solid source of truth for all marketing reporting has completely changed the game for us. NO..."
Global CPG Company
Global Head of Marketing Analytics
"Our challenge was always management-level performance reporting and bringing together the big picture..."
International Hotel Company
Director of Marketing Operations and Analytics
"We spent $100,000 for every custom report we had the agency create. There were about 200 of these rep..."
Global CPG Leading Company
"Success in marketing analytics is about building organizational adoption. Adoption is largely a funct..."
Pat LaPointe
Managing Partner
"With Beckon, we get cutting edge technology, but so much more. The Beckon team is a true partner to u..."
Financial Services Company
VP of Digital

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