"Having several phone numbers displayed on your homepage automatically leads people to think you are b..."
Jakob Marovt
Co-Founder & CMO
"I can provide local phone numbers - as opposed to a national phone number - which gives the sense tha..."
Emilio Garcia Vazquez
"After Europe, we started to address the American market: we opened an additional line in the US very..."
Vincent Le Hénaff
Sales Manager
"We’re able to smoothly do our jobs. Every time a customer asks us to contact them on their preferred..."
Duncan Pratt-Stephen
Head of Customer Success US
"We’re very often on the road, or working from home, co-working spaces or at our office so we really a..."
Clémence Pornon
"We chose Aircall because of its simple implementation and ease of use. After just a few days we were..."
Fabiola Jiménez Sahagún
Head of Customer Experience
"Everyone at Adore Me is customer-focused and it’s essential for each tool we use to be customer-focus..."
Nicolas Capuono
Director of Customer Relationships
"With Aircall I now have a dashboard I look at daily, and the live component really helps me monitor t..."
Kevin Kelly
Director of Business Development
"Aircall’s seamless integration with Zoho let us track and log our calls, measure our results, and ana..."
"We wanted to start evaluating customer interaction with clearer data, and Aircall was able to follow..."
Tiller System
"I can see exactly how many orders we have in a month and actually break down expected versus existing..."
Lexi Horn
Director of Customer Success
"In terms of efficiency it really helped a lot It’s easier to redirect calls to other departments, eas..."
Frederik Schwerdtfeger
Business Development Manager
"There wasn't a second IVR tree, which we realized was missing, and something that we could probably f..."
Parween Mander
User Success Team Lead
"We are a fast paced high growth startup. We can't work until we have reliable data. High velocity and..."
Anu Sura
"Aircall accelerates our performance by offering our teams an easy and reliable way to make tangible h..."
Robert Bukits
Managing Director
"We want to reach out to customers and find a solution as quickly as possible. Making sure the convers..."
Laura Hinojosa
Account Executive

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