"Adobe’s integrated solutions are flexible and can be deployed quickly, giving us the confidence that..."
Neil Gomes
Vice President for Technology Innovation and Consumer Experience
"There’s a sense of excitement and teamwork at RBS as we learn how to treat customers better and bette..."
Giles Richardson
Head of Analytics
"Adobe solutions form a digital foundation upon which we can build new digital experiences for our cus..."
Kamran Shah
Director of Corporate Marketing
"After classifying content with tags in Experience Manager, we can use Target to better deliver the ri..."
Sean Browne
Senior Director of Web Marketing
"The exciting piece has been that customers have come back to the app again and again because they fin..."
Brian Corish
Vodafone Ireland
"We achieved payback within the first week of launching website testing and optimization with Adobe An..."
Melody Walk
Digital Optimization Owner
"Standardized dashboards and quarterly Adobe Reports and Analytics training have eliminated involvemen..."
David Hammond
Senior Manager of eBusiness Analytics
"It was exciting to see just how much we could increase revenue through personalization and recommenda..."
Alexander Gaertner
Head of Digital Analytics
"We have thousands of users working with Analysis Workspace to understand data. By enabling users to c..."
Robert McLaughlin
Head of Digital Analytics
"First, the bounce rate of visitors to the homepage, or visitors who leave the website without moving..."
Takehiro Akiba
Director of Web Planning, Marketing Communication
"If we can approach customers at the appropriate times, we can increase both satisfaction and trust in..."
Moyuru Kudo
Head of Japan Digital Customer Experience
"There was no room for security flaws, no matter how minor, because we’re in the security business...."
Dave DeMaria
Corporate Vice President
"Because we can see how successful our campaigns are, we know which ones are best at encouraging custo..."
Ahmed Elemam
Senior Digital Analyst
"By increasing reach and engagement, we’re opening more opportunities for giving—directly and indirect..."
Maegan Clark
Social Media Manager
"Experience Fragments in Adobe Experience Manager will make changes to the website so much more effici..."
Sherri Wood
IT Director
"Using a unified Adobe platform, we have the tools to capture data streams and devise strategies to sh..."
Jason Wiegand
Manager of Digital Analytics and Optimization

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