"It’s wonderful that we can put out all of this new content quickly, but what makes it really special..."
Joost Van Dun
"Even though we have so many different sites in so many languages, our online experience is now one of..."
Barbara Venneman
Digital Principal and Global Digital Marketing Leader
"We needed a more compelling , consolidated, and consistent way to present Deloitte online through one..."
Quintin McGrath
Managing Director of Business Solutions, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL)
"With 600 content authors and thousands of pieces of content created annually, we’re realizing huge ef..."
Sam Breunig
Associate Director of Global Digital Channels
"Adobe Target takes the emotion and opinion out of the decisionmaking process, relying on data to stee..."
Andrew Morris
Head of Digital Insight Delivery
"With HBR circulation higher than it’s ever been, now more than ever we need to better understand our..."
Carrie Bourke
Director, Customer Analytics and Insights
"It’s most important to look at the recent performance of our articles, so that we can adjust campaign..."
Jessica Avery
Director of Business Analytics and Insights
"By increasing reach and engagement, we’re opening more opportunities for giving—directly and indirect..."
Maegan Clark
Social Media Manager
"During critical times, we have to be sure we’re delivering the clearest, most powerful communications..."
Chris Hill
Web Analytics and Reporting Specalist
"Working with Adobe Professional Services, we discovered we weren’t as far along as we thought with re..."
Tim Chen
Manager of Digital Experience
"There was no room for security flaws, no matter how minor, because we’re in the security business...."
Dave DeMaria
Corporate Vice President
"We’ve doubled our staff, but with greater productivity, we’re producing about five times the content..."
Anna Laura Sylvester
Business Director
"We consider ourselves a consumer-focused marketing agency. Digital marketing allows us to reach consu..."
Jasper Graf Von Hardenberg
Executive Strategy Director
"Adobe Target gives us a fundamental understanding of how different experiences impact customer behavi..."
Didrik Fjeldstad
Vice President of Marketing
"Our company is wholly focused on data, and we’ll continue to find new ways to leverage data, testing..."
Zann Aeck
Director of Digital Experience
"Our main objective was to generate deeper, more meaningful engagement with site visitors, regardless..."
Steven Berkovich
Digital Director

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